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Why Gem ATS? Gem builds solutions that solve real needs and help TA teams perform at their best.

  • Simplicity & usability: As with all Gem products, our ATS will be designed with our end-users in mind so your team can work productively.

  • The best all-in-one solution: Combine Gem ATS with our beloved best-in-class CRM, sourcing, application review, talent marketing, and analytics.

  • Innovation: Many vendors have deprioritized product development. Join our early access program to see how we're developing Gem ATS with your needs at the forefront.

  • Scalability: Gem partners with some of the largest enterprises, which means our platform, workflows, and infrastructure can reliably support you as your company grows.

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9.3Ease of useRecruiting automation average: 9.0
9.6Quality of supportRecruiting automation average: 9.1
9.3Ease of setupRecruiting automation average: 8.8
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