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Announcing the Gem and Workday Integration

Today we're announcing a new addition to the list of applicant tracking systems that integrate with Gem: Workday Recruiting. This integration will help teams using Workday work more efficiently and faster, while lowering cost per hire.

Our customers have used Gem's sourcing automation alongside many different applicant tracking systems since the beginning of Gem. Today we’re thrilled to announce another to the list: Gem now integrates with Workday Recruiting, offering best-in-class sourcing automation to thousands of the world's largest companies.

As the Gem extension allows teams to source from any website—including LinkedIn, SeekOut, GitHub, and many more—recruiting teams can instantly see whether a person already exists in Workday, and whether anyone on the team has previously engaged with them.

After engaging with a prospect using Gem's automated sequences and follow ups, recruiters can either invite the candidate to apply for a specific job, or instantly upload the person to Workday, with one click—including the appropriate tags and job associations. And for teams who are looking for qualified candidates from within the ATS—mining for warm talent who have applied in the past and are much more likely to engage again—Gem allows recruiters to one-click import candidates from Workday into Gem, allowing recruiters to quickly and easily build up pipelines of warm talent and easily reengage them with Gem's drip campaigns.

With Workday Recruiting quickly gaining traction among the world's most successful companies, Gem's integration with Workday unlocks tremendous efficiency gains, increase hiring velocity, and decrease cost per hire for recruiting teams everywhere.

Additionally, for the largest global enterprises, Gem brings best-in-class CRM functionality to Workday Recruiting customers, keeping ATS candidates who are actively in process clearly separated from pre-applicants who are passively engaged in the CRM. Companies can now ensure compliance with all the latest recruitment laws, and safeguard against any possible biases when accepting or rejecting a candidate.

We're incredibly excited to welcome Workday to the Gem ecosystem, and have received such positive feedback from all of our mutual customers already. With their help, we'll continue to augment our integration and ensure that we’re always serving all of our Workday customers’ needs.

If you'd like to see how Gem and Workday Recruiting work together seamlessly, contact us to learn more.

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