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Techmate Talent Builds a Database of 20k Tech Candidates in Gem that it Sources from Directly

Techmate Talent is a full-service search firm that specializes in helping technology companies hire stellar talent in demanding markets. The team—co-founded by recruiting leaders and seasoned consultants Nathalie Pretzer and Alyssa Garrison—partners with early- to late-stage startups on some of their most demanding searches: mid- to C-level engineering, product, and design roles. Techmate also supports clients’ recruiting operations and streamlines their strategies with comprehensive evaluations of systems and workflows that cover everything from tool selection and implementation, to interviewing, to candidate experience, to employer branding, to recruitment metrics. Nathalie and Alyssa have extensive experience scaling eng and product teams in environments of all sizes, improving processes and implementing new tools and systems, and bringing creative approaches to hiring challenges. That creativity is no more evident than in their use of Gem.

The team recently transitioned from a more embedded model to “a contingent, pure agency style,” Alyssa says. “We focus on sourcing and screening; and if clients need help with the close, we’ll assist there as well.” The reason for the transition, Nathalie explains, is that when Techmate was embedded, “if a client opted not to hire a particular candidate, we couldn’t offer that candidate any more value. With this new model—working with a variety of clients that are doing exciting work across a range of industries—we can keep offering value to a candidate, keep making introductions. When you’re in-house, you’re working to sell a candidate on a single company. But the moment you change the model, you can offer an experience that’s more tailored to the candidate, their priorities, and their career goals. They can be selective and feel empowered. And Gem has allowed us to build and maintain the longer-term relationships that this new model opened us up to.”


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“When a req comes in from a client, I source directly from Gem—talent I’ve already looked at, vetted, and in some cases screened—and queue up my outreach from right within the platform. It’s like having my own more robust, more specialized, more streamlined LinkedIn.”
Alyssa Garrison
Alyssa Garrison
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