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Tired of hearing about the latest trends without any real guidance? We’ve surveyed over 1,200 employers and 1,000 candidates to bring you actionable insights that matter.

What’s inside?

Is AI just hype?
55% of companies have ramped up their use of AI and automation. How are you using AI to free up your team’s time for real engagement?

Efficiency or overload?
68% of recruiters say automation tools have boosted their efficiency. But are these tools making your life easier, or just adding to the chaos?

Data dilemma
34% of organizations struggle with fragmented data systems. Are you getting the metrics you need to make informed decisions, or is your data holding you back?

Why read this report?

  • Understand the real impact of AI: Learn how to leverage AI beyond the buzzwords.

  • Improve efficiency: See what’s actually working for other companies and how you can streamline your processes.

  • Get your data to work for you: Discover how to integrate your systems and get clearer insights.

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