Executive Panel

Breaking Through the Noise in Talent Acquisition

Thoughts from

Tigran Sloyan

CEO at CodeSignal

Richard Cho

Chief Recruiting Officer at Gem
October 19, 2022

From candidate discovery all the way to hire, there is a lot of pandemonium to be found in talent acquisition. Whether it's during screenings, scheduling, or interview panels, talent teams must overcome numerous obstacles without losing focus.

Finding the right person for your organization while providing the best candidate experience from beginning to end is a delicate balancing act. This is why it's time to approach hiring differently, and that includes how companies measure the actual talent of candidates. 

In this fireside chat, hear from leaders who have made it their mission to modernize recruiting processes to find out how you too can perfect your hiring strategy

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Join the conversation to learn:

  • Ideas for TA leaders looking to better support their teams
  • Secrets to mastering outreach & nurturing your ideal candidate profile
  • Ways companies can better present their authenticity during the hiring process
  • How to confirm mission and value alignment in your talent pool
  • And more!

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