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Securing a recruiting CRM

If legacy recruiting systems or disjointed tools are hindering your team’s effectiveness, it’s probably time to upgrade your CRM.

In today’s cost-conscious business environment, securing CFO approval for new technology investments, especially a Recruiting CRM, requires a strategic approach. Our eBook, "Unlocking the CFO's Support: A 3-step Guide to Securing a Recruiting CRM," provides a comprehensive roadmap for talent acquisition leaders to build a compelling business case that resonates with CFOs.

“We eliminated agencies with the onboarding of our sourcing team using Gem, which saved us about $300k in the first half of last year.”

- Angela Miller, Head of Recruiting @ Instabase (formerly @ Pure Storage)

What you'll learn:

  • Identify and Articulate Challenges:
    Begin with a deep dive into your company’s recruiting and hiring challenges, highlighting the direct impact on the bottom line.

  • Showcase CRM Solutions:
    Demonstrate how a Recruiting CRM addresses these challenges with real-world benefits, including significant cost reductions across recruiting team headcount, contractor and agency spend, IT costs, and more.

  • Present a Detailed Plan:
    Outline your strategy for implementing a Recruiting CRM, focusing on the initial investment, expected ROI, and a timeline for achieving measurable results.

“Immediately we saw that Gem could replace a lot of the products we were using. It was easily one of the better products I’d seen in terms of streamlining manual work: searching for phone numbers, emails, social media sites. And the cherry on top was that it integrated seamlessly into our ATS.”

- Joe Gillespie, Head of People @ a Stealth Web3 Startup (formerly @ Robinhood)

Why Download?

Data-Driven Insights:
Equip yourself with the knowledge to present a data-backed argument that aligns with CFO priorities—cost savings, efficiency, and strategic advantage.

Practical Checklist:
Get access to a CFO-proof checklist for writing a business case, ensuring you cover all bases to make your recruitment budget go further with Gem.

Expert Advice:
Learn from the insights and real-life examples of how implementing a Recruiting CRM can transform your talent acquisition process, making it more efficient and aligned with business goals.

Ready to Make Your Case?

Download our eBook now and start the journey towards securing CFO support for your Recruiting CRM investment. Transform your talent acquisition strategy with Gem and unlock the full potential of your recruitment budget in 2024 and beyond.