In the relentless quest for efficiency, TA leaders are under mounting pressure to perform miracles: 

  • achieve more with less

  • streamline operations without sacrificing quality

  • and navigate budget cuts with strategic precision

As the lines between essential and excessive blur, we’re asking WTF is up with recruiting tech? 

This ‘What to Fix’ session will focus on cutting through the complexity of today's technology landscape to redefine what the ideal recruiting tech stack looks like in this innovative but noisy AF tech landscape.

Kyle Lagunas, strategist and analyst from Aptitude Research, and Sammy Reardon, the visionary Sr. Director of Recruiting at One Medical, get it.  You don’t want to miss this discussion as they dissect the anatomy of a lean yet potent tech stack.

What we’ll cover:

  • Essentials vs. Excess: Cutting through the clutter to pinpoint the tech tools that genuinely move the needle versus those just taking up digital space.

  • AI and Automation: How the latest tech innovations are quickly changing how we hunt and engage top talent

  • Strategic Consolidation: Tactics for a tech stack audit that’s less about ticking boxes and more about slashing redundancies and syncing with your lean budget strategy.

This conversation is designed for decision-makers ready to challenge the status quo, rethink your tech priorities, and lead your team into a future where every tool you’re paying for is there for a reason.

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Sammy Reardon
Sammy Reardon

Sammy Reardon

Sr. Director, Talent

Kyle Lagunas
Kyle Lagunas

Kyle Lagunas

Head of Strategy & Principal Analyst