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Enhance recruiter productivity with powerful, ethical AI

Gem uses generative artificial intelligence with its proprietary data to help recruiters find the best candidates, personalize communication at scale, and hire talent faster.

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Why customers love Gem AI

Use AI ethically and compliantly

Gem AI does not deploy automated decision making or use artificial intelligence to make hiring decisions, avoiding any potential bias and regulatory scrutiny.

Achieve proven results

Customers who use Gem AI experience a 40-50% boost in conversion rates when engaging passive talent.

Use trusted AI technology

While many HR solutions rely on outdated, homegrown AI models, Gem uses the latest best-in-class generative AI, delivering superior performance.

Prevent garbage in, garbage out

Gem AI operates on the most robust dataset to give you relevant recommendations & accurate insights. Our platform continuously refreshes touchpoints from the ATS, email, and LinkedIn, and more.

Accelerate your talent search with precise recommendations

Start your candidate search with auto-generated queries, built to find candidates with the skills and experience listed in the job description.

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Improve response rates with scalable personalization

Gem AI auto-generates messages with personalized tokens tailored to the unique attributes of each candidate’s profile. Recruiters who use Gem AI see 30-40% improvements in response rates.

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Prioritize inbound applications based on relevant criteria

Find qualified applicants faster with AI-suggested search filters tailored to the specific requirements listed in the job description.

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“Gem’s App Review has literally made the inbound process 100x better. It's so easy to filter out unqualified applications, and the resume keyword highlighting is a much-needed relief for my eyes.”

Christine Johny | FreshBooks
Christine JohnyTalent Acquisition Specialist
FreshBooks | Customer Logo

“When I came to Pure Storage and was shown Gem, I immediately thought, Oh, this is a godsend. I no longer had to send follow-ups manually or keep track of whom to follow up with on my own trackers.”

Brian Wilhelm | Pure Storage
Brian WilhelmSenior Technical Sourcer
Pure Storage | Customer Logo
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“Gem seems to have been built intentionally for sourcers and recruiters to not only become more efficient and optimize their top-of-funnel workflow, but also to leverage data and make smarter decisions.”

Joe Gillespie | Robinhood
Joe GillespieRecruiting Leader
Robinhood | Customer Logo
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