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Cutting Costs, Not Corners: How Excelity Saved 40% by Switching to Gem ATS

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Herndon, Virginia, United States (HQ)


40 Employees

What they do:

Excelity, a small business serving the federal government, offers senior and thought leadership in Agile development. It addresses key challenges with customer-focused IT solutions to advance agency missions.





Pain Points and Challenges

  • Limited candidate pool: Challenges in finding candidates with specific skill sets.

  • Limited analytics: Data and metrics were spread across multiple systems

  • Context-switching across tools: No centralized view of all candidate touch points

Results with Gem

  • Smooth Migration and Fast Time to Value: The seamless migration process ensured no data was lost or corrupted. Excelity was able to immediately start hiring with Gem ATS without any delays with current candidates

  • Enhanced User Experience: Gem made it easy to search for candidates, get the latest updates, and take the right next step in less time and with fewer clicks

  • Enhanced, full-funnel reporting: The team finally had all their recruiting data in one system for end-to-end metrics and reporting

Excelity stands at the forefront of IT modernization for the Department of Defense. Founded in 2018, this mission-driven company prioritizes developing solutions for swift data delivery to end-users in the defense sector. Excelity focuses on steady and strategic growth, ensuring that each new hire aligns perfectly with its unique culture and mission goals. At Excelity, fostering a culture of mentorship and development is a top priority, guided by leadership that's passionate about nurturing and training the next generation of IT professionals. We sat down with Sean Edsall, who leads recruiting and has spearheaded the transition to Gem ATS.

"When we switched to Gem ATS, it was user-friendly and concise. It felt like switching from Windows to Apple. Also, the data migration was smoother than we could have imagined, and the team over-delivered on the time it took to migrate the data. It never felt like I was without my tools”

sean edsall

Sean Edsall

Talent Manager/Business Development

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A Unified, Intuitive Approach

The Excelity team faced a dual challenge in its talent acquisition process. Their specialized roles and stringent requirements made finding the right talent challenging. Their previous Applicant Tracking System (ATS) lacked streamlined workflows and clear data organization, which opened the door to migrate to Gem ATS, bringing Sourcing, CRM, and an ATS under one roof. 

"There were some things in the previous ATS that seemed like you kind of felt like you were clicking ten or 15 or 20 times to get what you needed," reflected Sean, highlighting the need for a more efficient solution.

Already users of Gem's sequencing feature, Excelity was primed for a more integrated solution. The introduction of Gem's ATS beta version offered a glimpse into a more unified and efficient talent acquisition process. The ease of data migration and the system's intuitive design solidified their decision to transition fully to Gem’s platform.

Implementing Gem’s end-to-end platform provided a consolidated, intuitive system, streamlining the management of candidates for current and future roles. 

Immediate Impact and Lasting Benefits

The switch to Gem resulted in immediate time and cost savings of 40%. Processes became more efficient, with essential functions requiring fewer steps. 

Excelity endorses Gem for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive support. Their experience with Gem’s ATS demonstrates the value of a user-friendly, centralized system backed by a company committed to meeting its users' needs.

Sean's parting advice to any recruiting team considering changing or adopting a new ATS is,

"If you want something easy to use, cost-effective, centralized, easy to learn and comes from a company who cares, Gem is the way to go"

sean edsall

Sean Edsall

Talent Manager | Business Partner

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