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Simplify hiring while reducing costs

Gem's scalable, all-in-one recruiting platform features native, best-in-class sourcing, CRM, ATS, analytics, scheduling, e-signature, and more. Reduce software sprawl, simplify workflows, and drive cost-savings.

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Why customers love Gem ATS

Consolidate your tech stack

Gem offers native sourcing, CRM, ATS, analytics, scheduling, e-signature, and more to help teams reduce costs by up to 50% while meeting all their needs.

Simplify recruiter workflows

With Gem, recruiters spend less time figuring things out. It’s why 92% of recruiters say they find Gem easy to use and why they rate us as one of G2’s highest satisfaction products with a 4.8/5 rating.

Boost productivity with a proven suite of products

Gem’s standalone sourcing, CRM, and analytics solutions are loved by over 1,200 companies. Combined with Gem ATS, our customers now have access to the most powerful all-in-one recruiting platform.

Future-proof your growth with a scalable solution

Gem supports large enterprises around the world, including 17 Fortune 500 companies. Our platform, infrastructure, and services can reliably support you as your company grows.

Maximize visibility, minimize effort

Easily distribute and publish jobs across 25,000+ job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, and ZipRecruiter for maximum exposure.

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Review applications at record speed

Use advanced filters, Boolean search, and resume highlights to quickly identify the applicants and skills you’re looking for in your inbound queue.

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Simplify candidate management

Gem’s interactive dashboard helps recruiters grab a quick, visual snapshot of their candidate pipeline, identify candidates that need immediate attention, and hold their hiring managers accountable to SLAs.

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Make interview scheduling a breeze

Gem coordinates with your calendars and video conferencing tools to simplify scheduling tasks and help you make adjustments without switching between systems.

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Deliver offers with just a few clicks

Streamline the hiring process by enabling the creation, editing, and sending of PDF offers directly to candidates for e-signature, while also assigning company signatories.


Optimize results with powerful analytics

Unlock end-to-end data to optimize your strategy and process. Start with our preset templates or easily create your own dashboard reports to monitor recruiting activity and identify areas for improvement.

Executive Overview: Preset templates for multiple use cases

What sets Gem apart from other ATS vendors is its knack for simplicity. Its remarkably easy to use, ensuring our portfolio companies can hit the ground running with minimal learning curve.

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There are so many applications to look through and figure out which ones to prioritize. With Gem, I’m able to lean into the ability to highlight multiple keywords on resumes to really speed up the process.

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Rachael Leaf

Talent Engagement Specialist

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