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With Gem, Veho Technologies reduces reliance on agency spend by $400,000 annually

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What they do:

Veho Technologies, established in 2016, is transforming package delivery with its unique technology, reducing shipping costs and enhancing visibility, while their "Brand Ambassadors" provide a personalized, customer-focused delivery experience.





Pain Points and Challenges

  • Recruiters were losing hours having to manually reach out to candidates

  • The team had no centralized way to share outreach across roles

  • No lacking the pipeline needed to keep evergreen roles filled. 

Results with Gem

  • Over $50,000 saved through streamlined outreach

  • Improved candidate response rates

  • Candidates are kept warm through Gem's talent pool and communities

Who said recruiting can't be both fun and efficient? At Veho, a cutting-edge logistics company that's turning the shipping industry on its head, the task of recruiting top-tier talent is no small feat. Meet Jennyfer Javier, Technical Recruiter at Veho, and discover how Gem has revitalized their recruiting strategy.

Before Gem the Veho team faced several hurdles from having to manually reach out to candidates, no centralized way to share outreach across roles, and lacking the pipeline needed to keep evergreen roles filled.

"In the past, recruiting felt like juggling fire," Jennyfer says.

Contacting candidates and following up was a highly manual task. "We spent countless hours in outreach and follow-ups." With roles spanning high-volume to technical recruiting, there was a lack of centralized messaging, making it hard to share effective outreach strategies. "We were basically on islands. Everyone was doing their own thing, and it was a nightmare to consolidate efforts."

Enhanced Team Collaboration
Gem enables the team to share outreach sequences across different roles, ensuring a more unified recruiting strategy and collaborative environment.

"Now with Gem, it's like we're a band. We can easily see what the team is sending for different roles, and that just makes collaboration a breeze," Jennyfer shares.

One of Gem's most impactful features for Jennyfer has been automated sequences for outreach. The team has saved over $50,000 saved through streamlined outreach. These sequences work both via email and LinkedIn, enabling the recruiters to focus more on quality engagements rather than repetitive tasks.

Jennyfer states, "Automating sequences? It was like a breath of fresh air". Gem's outreach automation works seamlessly via email and LinkedIn, liberating recruiters to focus on personalized connections.

Since Gem’s introduction, Jennyfer reports a marked increase in response rates, especially via email, stating,

"Our inbox is buzzing now, thanks to Gem. Whenever anyone sees my email, they usually respond," reports Jennyfer.

Higher email and LinkedIn response rates: "We’ve seen a transformation in engagement rates. It's night and day compared to 18 months ago."

Another challenge the team was facing was creating talent communities and keeping candidates engaged for future roles. Gem's "Prospect Search" feature has been particularly helpful in high-volume recruiting. It allows the recruiters to automatically move archived candidates into a talent pool, ensuring a pipeline of potential candidates at all times.

"Our pipeline is always ready. We can move archived candidates into a talent pool automatically."

The Veho team is also making more hired in less time. Sourcing and nurturing candidates through Gem increased overall hires by 65% and decreased time to hire by 7 days.

Veho Technologies has demonstrated that even in a sector as traditionally straightforward as logistics, innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction can pave the way for disruption. The same principles have been applied to their talent acquisition and recruiting strategies.

"From automating the nitty-gritty to helping us vibe as a team, Gem is our secret sauce,"

Jennyfer VEHO

Jennyfer Javier


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Veho Corp is not just growing; it's thriving, with Gem as an indispensable tool in their recruiting arsenal.

With a forward thinking approach the Veho team has revealed how transformative the right tool can be. With Gem, the recruiting process has shifted from a cumbersome, siloed endeavor into a streamlined and collaborative strategy. The platform's ability to integrate thousands of new candidates and offer real-time, insightful analytics has not only optimized day-to-day operations but has also positioned Veho for scalable, future growth.

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