Talent Compass

Run talent acquisition like a data-driven business

Talent Compass boasts a powerful two-way ATS integration and a user-friendly reporting interface, enabling teams to debug the funnel, forecast hiring, and demonstrate impact.

Why customers love Gem's analytics

Benchmark your performance

Tap into Gem's extensive, proprietary benchmarking data set and compare your team's KPIs against industry peers.

Standardize reporting

Use out-of-the box templates that can be customized to your needs while ensuring a common language across teams.

Demonstrate the impact of your efforts

Study how new initiatives or processes impact hiring outcomes to justify change management.

Drive strategic conversations

Take advantage of our easy-to-use analytics interface to create visually striking yet informative dashboard reports. Present compelling insights that put you in control of the narrative.

Executive Overview: Preset templates for multiple use cases

Observe your funnel and debug the process

Visualize your end-to-end recruiting funnel from outreach to hire and uncover opportunities to improve candidate passthrough and accelerate hiring.

Standardized reporting

Forecast today, plan for tomorrow

Use historical data and forecast models to efficiently meet hiring goals. The forecasting calculator incorporates current pipelines and historical trends, while the capacity planner evaluates if your team’s current headcount aligns with hiring targets.

Pipeline Forecasting

Elevate your diversity recruiting strategy

Talent Compass employs predictive analytics to assess the diversity of your top-of-funnel pipelines. With visibility on candidate pass-through, teams can identify disparities in how underrepresented group (URG) candidates advance through the hiring process across different teams, roles, and locations.

Pipeline Diversity

Uncover cost-saving insights

Discover which sources deliver the most applicants and hires per dollar spent to efficiently allocate your budget

Cost Insights
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