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Gem acquires InterviewPlanner for Scheduling Automation
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Gem x Interview Planner | Gem Scheduling
Customer Story

Bay State Physical Therapy

Bay State Physical Therapy’s marketing & talent teams strategically collaborate to convert top talent and drive clinical excellence

Bay State Physical Therapy Logo


Braintree, Massachusetts, United States (HQ)


1,000 employees

What they do:

Bay State Physical Therapy excels in patient care, offering innovative rehab services with a focus on restoring function and well-being through skilled, compassionate therapy



Pain points / Challenges

  • The ability to serve an increasing patient load due to limited staff.

  • The recruitment and retention of skilled professionals to meet growing demand.

  • The need to refine marketing strategies for better nurturing and conversion of potential candidates.

  • The absence of integrated platforms leading to poor team collaboration and process inefficiencies.

Results with Gem

  • Comprehensive Collaboration: Achieved through Gem's deep ATS integration, enhancing team coordination and data insights.

  • Streamlined Hiring: Gem identified hiring bottlenecks, enabling proactive strategies that doubled rates for engaged candidates.

  • Efficient Teamwork: University recruiting and marketing teams utilized Gem's system to reduce administrative tasks, boosting collaboration.

  • ATS and Gem Integration: Automated nurturing through this seamless integration led to significant time and cost savings.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Enhanced sourcing channel tracking and unified reporting aligned recruitment with Bay State’s business goals.

  • Innovative Talent Marketing: Automated candidate nurture and a multi-faceted approach using Gem increased candidate conversion rates.

"Our team is operating much more efficiently and with excellence, all thanks to Gem's insightful analytics and centralized system."

Rob Cosinuke | Bay State PT | Headshot

Rob Cosinuke

Chief Marketing Officer

Bay State Physical Therapy Logo

Gem for efficiency and data

Bay State Physical Therapy’s long term vision of building a better model for muscular health and leading in network density, was brought closer to realization through Gem's efficient and data-centric system. The innovative approach is an inspiring testament to their success.

The collaboration with Gem's Talent Engagement Platform made it possible to better align Bay State’s vision of building a better model for muscular health and building network density. The talent acquisition and marketing team utilized Gem's platform to unify their efforts, tracking sourcing channels and nurturing potential candidates.

Gem for talent marketing

Gem's integration with Bay State PT's systems allowed for innovative talent marketing strategies. Jillian Barthel, Director of Marketing, worked closely with the TA team to leverage Gem for building and maintaining a compelling employer brand. Talent community nurture and external virtual webinars were launched, providing an efficient way to align marketing efforts directly with TA.

"Gem really takes the more traditional side of marketing and moves it into Talent Acquisition. Everything I do in the platform helps build and maintain a compelling employer brand. The ROI is massive for us or anyone in healthcare."

Jill | Bay State PT

Jillian Barthel

Director of Marketing

Bay State Physical Therapy Logo

The strategic collaboration between Bay State Physical Therapy’s Talent Acquisition and Marketing teams, facilitated by Gem’s Talent Engagement Platform, has set a new benchmark for organizational efficiency and candidate conversion in healthcare. Leveraging Gem’s robust features, Bay State effectively navigated multiple challenges from talent scarcity to operational inefficiency, all while staying true to its mission of providing exceptional patient care.

"Other leaders in the healthcare industry are turning to us, acknowledging our innovative strategy. We finally have the tools to show how we lead in network density, talent conversion, and clinical excellence." - Bay State Physical Therapy

Bay State’s investment in a sophisticated, data-driven solution like Gem has paid off, providing a scalable and adaptable blueprint for its continued growth and leadership in the healthcare sector.

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