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4 ways to hit the ground running in the new year to meet your recruiting goals

Andrew Kritzer

Andrew Kritzer

Product Manager

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January 19, 2023

Learn tips to make the most of Gem’s automation capabilities, including automated lead actions, organization actions, and candidate nurture.

As we ramp up in 2023, talent leaders across industries are sharpening their focus and looking to their tools to increase effectiveness within their teams. Some organizations are seeking to increase recruiter efficiency, while others are aiming to lower the cost of hire or build talent pools for the future. Whatever the case, Gem’s automation can help you achieve these goals.

We pulled together a few tactics to consider when using Gem to help hit your 2023 goals:

Tactic 1: Find prospects who are ‘likely to move’

Timing is everything. Your CRM is likely full of prospects your team has sourced over years but the timing wasn’t quite right. Instead of sourcing new candidates from scratch or waiting for brand-new applications, wouldn’t it be nice to identify those who are seeking a change—not to mention those whom you’ve already vetted, and/or been in communication with? 

Imagine you’re looking for a new enterprise account executive for your sales team this year. With Gem’s new “Likely to Move” filter, you can find prospects who have recently updated their LinkedIn profiles, but not changed roles. According to our research, folks who update their profiles are much more likely to be looking for something new. 

Save this search and add project routing to automatically move matches into a project where you can review them, sequence them, or nurture them with a campaign.


In combination with “Likely to Move,” consider using the “Months at Current Company” filter. This can help you search for specific milestones—like prospects who are approaching the four-year mark at their current company—to identify who might be even more likely to move to a new role.

Months at current company

Tactic 2: Nurture past applicants for a specific role

It’s January, so perhaps your team has just been allocated a new headcount goal to fill throughout the year. A great place to start is by automating outreach to past applicants with a personal touch. 

Many teams want to tap into past applications, but it can be hard to remember or cumbersome to do. Gem’s customers often have internal ‘rules of engagement’ that require they wait before engaging a past applicant. For example: let’s automatically nurture people who applied over a year ago for engineering positions and had positive feedback. 

After developing a search (a tip – start with the Silver Medalist quick search!), save your search and select a sequence for sequence routing. Gem will automatically sequence prospects matching this criteria (up to 600 per day)!

You can also consider nurturing prospects who replied “Later” or those who opened an email but didn’t respond to a sequence one year ago.

Tactic 3: Convert event attendees to qualified applicants

Talent teams have spent time determining which 2023 recruiting events will be most effective at reaching high-quality prospects. For every event attendee you interact with, let Gem automate lead capture, then follow up automatically with targeted messaging based upon their responses.

With this set-up, every event attendee will have a targeted message in their inbox (email, SMS) the moment they leave your event!


Tactic 4: Invite past contacts to your Talent Community

Like many of us facing the macroeconomic uncertainty of 2023, it may be time for your team to start building talent pools for future hiring. For example: let’s build a talent community of engineers among the professionals we’ve engaged with in the past. 

This can be accomplished in four main steps:

  1. Create a project where you want your community to ‘live’

  2. Create a campaign to welcome new members of the community

  3. Design the campaign, setting the audience to anyone in the project from step 1

  4. Add a saved search that meets your Talent Community criteria with project routing to the project from step 1


With these four steps, you’ve completely automated your Talent Community as an evergreen campaign.

Make this the year of automation

Gem is here to help you make the most of your relationships. This year, as we all aim to meet changing organizational goals, take on a challenge to automate part of your workflow so that Gem can do the work for you.

If you’re a current Gem customer, we hope you can take one of these tactics and make it part of your new year’s resolution. If you’re a prospective customer, Get in touch with us today to see these powerful workflows in action or skip right to requesting a demo


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