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Growing Companies

Hire for speed on a scalable all-in-one recruiting solution

Gem offers sourcing, CRM, ATS, and analytics solutions that scale as your company grows. Discover why hyper-growth companies trust Gem for their hiring needs.

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Trusted by top-tier scale-ups

Why growing companies love Gem

Consolidate your tech stack

Gem offers native sourcing, CRM, ATS, analytics, scheduling, e-signature, and more to help teams reduce costs by up to 50% while meeting all their needs.

Simplify recruiter workflows

With Gem, recruiters spend less time figuring things out. It’s why 92% of recruiters say they find Gem easy to use and why they rate us as one of G2’s highest satisfaction products with a 4.8/5 rating.

Boost productivity with a proven suite of products

Gem’s standalone sourcing, CRM, and analytics solutions are loved by over 1,200 companies. Combined with Gem ATS, our customers now have access to the most powerful all-in-one recruiting platform.

Future-proof your growth with a scalable solution

Gem supports large enterprises around the world, including 17 Fortune 500 companies. Our platform, infrastructure, and services can reliably support you as your company grows.


Source passive talent 5x faster

Instantly add candidates from LinkedIn, Indeed, and over 20 other sites with just a single click.

Track every candidate interaction

2x response rates with personalized outreach

Automate and personalize your message across multiple communication channels with AI-assisted personalization.

2x response rates with personalized outreach

Review applications at record speed

Use advanced filters, Boolean search, and resume highlights to quickly identify the applicants and skills you’re looking for in your inbound queue.

Application Review - Keywords - Life Sciences

Simplify candidate management

Gem ATS makes it easy for recruiters to quickly review inbound applications, visualize candidate pipelines, and hold hiring managers accountable to SLAs.

Talent pipeline - Generic

Unlock powerful, easy-to-use analytics

Surface data across your CRM and ATS to debug the funnel, monitor team performance, forecast hiring, and improve operational efficiency.

Executive Overview: Preset templates for multiple use cases

Proactively pipeline for future roles

Easily bring new candidates and silver medalists into your CRM for ongoing nurture. Gem automatically refreshes candidate profiles so you have the latest context when it’s time to re-engage.

People Team Silver Medalists: Dynamically maintain your CRM and talent pools

"We went with Gem because it was built for the end user. Gem makes my team more efficient, streamlined, and it rolls up their data to me and stakeholders in the organization. As hiring needs increase, we will be ahead of the issues that prevent teams from scaling and understanding the hiring process."

Mike Moriarty | Dropbox
DropboxGlobal Head of Engineering Recruiting
Dropbox | Customer Logo
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“Gem seems to have been built intentionally for sourcers and recruiters to not only become more efficient and optimize their top-of-funnel workflow, but also to leverage data and make smarter decisions.”

Joe Gillespie | Robinhood
Joe GillespieRecruiting Leader
Robinhood | Customer Logo
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“They [hiring managers] are always blown away by Gem’s capabilities, especially the real-time updates within Talent Pipeline and the ability to create custom dashboards in such an eye-catching format.”

Joe Pecci | Yext
Joe PecciSenior Manager of Engineering Recruiting
YEXT | Customer Logo
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“Gem is a robust tool that makes your recruiters more efficient, gives you the data and analytics you need to optimize your process, and allows you to become a better business partner to your teams”

Dana Schafer | Grammarly
Dana SchaferRecruiting Operations Manager
Grammarly | Customer Logo
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“Gem essentially tells me how many hours of work we’ll have to put in to suffice a new headcount. As soon as you have that data, you know whether you’re under-resourced or not. So if I need to go to leadership and say, I need more sourcers, Gem has already made the argument for me.”

Carmen Coleman | Envoy
Carmen ColemanHead of Business Recruiting
Envoy | Customer Logo
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"Gem serves various purposes, with its most significant impact being the acceleration of the hiring process through enhanced diagnostic capabilities. I reverse engineer a talent pipeline's analytics, specifically pass-through rates, to obtain more precise TTH (time-to-hire) projections."

John Lee | Scale
John LeeTechnical Recruiter
Scale | Logo
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“Gem has really great functionality around reporting, creating talent pools, and sequence building. Gem meets our recruiters where they are and provides solutions for each scenario they find themselves in to help them hit their goals.”

Lori Busch | Toast
Lori BuschSenior Director, Talent Acquisition Operations
Toast Customer Logo

“With Gem, we're able to promote our brand and easily connect our talent to what inspires them most ... whether it's events, jobs or our talent community.”

Alcida Litchfield | Pinterest
Alcida LitchfieldSenior Talent Marketing & Insights Specialist
Pinterest | Customer Logo
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