Candidate Experience

Deliver a stellar recruiting experience

Attract, convert, and hire top talent with a personalized, consistent, and unparalleled experience throughout the process.

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How customers use Gem to deliver a great experience

Control your employer brand

Gem makes it easy for TA teams to build and promote branded content and campaigns without chasing down Marketing or IT.

Personalize the candidate experience

Visualize all candidate touch points and history so you have the context you need to send the right message and take the right next step.

Put AI & automation to work

Automate busy work, such as email writing, follow-ups, reminders, and more so you can focus on building candidate relationships.

Deliver a great first impression with well-designed content

Take advantage of our user-friendly, no-code interface to effortlessly design stunning career sites, landing pages, and campaigns while maintaining brand consistency.

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Run smooth recruiting events and follow-ups

Create a semless event experience with easy check-in processes, digital QR codes, automated follow-ups, and more.

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Pick up conversations where they left off

Capture candidate interactions and updates across multiple systems so you have the context you need in one place.

Recent interactions and previous relationships on Gem extension

Ensure no candidate is left waiting

Set clear SLAs so you and your hiring manager can ensure every candidate receives a timely response.

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Uncover biases to deliver an equitable process for all

Review passthrough rates and scorecard decisions by gender and race/ethnicity to uncover any disproportionate patterns for any particular demographic or candidate.

Pipeline Diversity

“Through templates, Gem allows us to be consistent in our messaging. We change up the language, of course; but we have a consistent voice now. So now we’re not just building a recruiting pipeline; we’re also building a brand.”

Shannon Zwicker | Cockroach Labs
Shannon ZwickerManager of Recruiting Operations
Cockroach Labs | Customer Logo
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“This is an industry with high turnover, so urgency is crucial. That’s why Gem has been such a dream tool to work with… Gem lets you personalize all of that at scale. But it’s not just a blanket, one-time reachout to as many people as possible; sequence stages are key… with Gem, all that’s automated; it’s out of my hands the moment I set it up. It’s like you get to work with the urgency without any of the anxiety.”

Blake Thiess | Prestige Care
Blake ThiessDirector of Talent Acquisition
Prestige Care | Customer Logo
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“Sometimes I’ll get a referral and I’ll go into Gem and see that person is already in the pipeline; we just emailed them last week. That visibility alone increases candidate quality—terrific talent isn’t opting out because you’ve left a bad taste in their mouths.”

Arquay Harris
Arquay HarrisVP of Engineering
Webflow | Customer Logo
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