Capacity Planner

Solve your capacity modeling headaches

Gem's capacity planner incorporates historical ATS data, forecast models, and scenario planning so your team can efficiently meet hiring targets and respond to dynamic market demands.

Capacity Planner

Why customers love Gem Capacity Planner

Create a plan that can adapt

Stay agile and prepared for shifting growth targets with scenario modeling.

Delete the spreadsheets

Visualize how the team is pacing towards goals based on data from your ATS.

Paint the picture to your CFO

Justify the resources you need with historical data and real-time forecasts.

Justify recruiting resources and earn the trust of your CFO

Capture the right insights and historical context on recruiting capacity to drive productive conversations with finance.

Capacity Planner Insights

Design a plan that is flexible to unexpected business changes

Create a plan that incorporates nuances like attrition and reduced recruiter availability in real time so you always know how hiring goals will be impacted.

Capacity Planner Scenarios

Set the right expectations with business partners

Close the delta between your team’s capacity and business plan. Drive alignment with insights and visuals that are inviting to everyone.

Capacity Planner Create Plan

Balance workloads to remove inequity

Keep high-priority roles properly staffed with a clear view of everyone’s capacity — that can be adjusted as needed.

Capacity Planner Pipeline Analytics

As companies grow, spreadsheets quickly become difficult to organize and manage effectively. The beauty of having the Capacity Planner is that it allows us to consolidate our tools and trust Gem as the source of truth for all things sourcing, reporting, and planning. It's intuitive and accessible to users who may not be spreadsheet-savvy, and alleviates any fear they may have of breaking things.

Connor Carion | Webflow

Connor Carion

Senior Talent Operations Manager

Webflow | Customer Logo

When you’re staring at a blank sheet or working from one that someone else created, it’s hard to really understand your recruiter capacity breakdown and how it might change depending on different circumstances. With [Capacity Planner], you have the brain space to do this strategic work and can test your assumptions to get a more accurate view.

Shannon Lovelace-White | Human Interest

Shannon Lovelace-White

Manager, Talent Operations and Enablement

Human Interest | Customer Logo

Gem [Talent Compass] essentially tells me how many hours of work we’ll have to put in to suffice a new headcount. Based on historical conversion rates for that role, I know how many outreaches my team will have to make, how many phone screens, how many onsites, how many offers extended to get an offer-accept. As soon as you have that data, you know whether you’re under-resourced or not. So if I need to go to leadership and say, I need more sourcers if we’re really going to hire this many people, Gem has already made the argument for me.

Carmen Coleman | Envoy

Carmen Coleman

Head of Business Recruiting

Envoy | Customer Logo

Capacity planning is important for our operations team. It answers the following questions; what are our resources? What can we actually accomplish with them? Business priorities shift over time and we have to be able to respond. Having a really quick way to look at our capacity and how we are planning for it is really powerful. Gem has all the data that leads to those assumptions.

TA Leader

Global Manufacturing Company

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