Forecast what you need to meet your hiring goals

Gem's Talent Compass comes with hiring forecast calculators that project the candidate volumes needed to hit hiring targets. The calculator below aggregates and anonymizes passthrough rates from our customers to give you a sense of what you might need to meet your own goals.

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    Elevate your reporting game

    At Gem, we know the best way to build an effective hiring process is through data. Of course, if you don’t have context for that data, it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not. That’s why we created the 2021 Recruiting Benchmarks Report.

    Our own analytics module, Talent Compass, surfaces data across Gem and your ATS to help recruiting teams uncover operational insights, benchmark performance, scenario plan, and improve hiring outcomes.

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    See what Talent Compass can do for you

    Let us show you how Gem can make your recruiting more efficient and impactful.