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Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies use Gem to strategically recruit the talent they need to deliver next-generation medicine, technology, and patient services.

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Innovative life sciences and healthcare companies trust Gem

Why life sciences and healthcare companies love gem

Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack

Gem unifies Workday, LinkedIn, email, and other recruiting tools so data always flows cleanly across your systems.

Keep compliance top of mind

From location-based data retention to GDPR to SOC 2 to IS0 27001, your data is safe with Gem.

Calibrate on talent effortlessly

Easily review profiles with hiring managers to understand their desired skills and experience.

Pursue niche talent with best-in-class sourcing

The talent you need is probably working at another company. Capture their attention with tailored messaging that stands out from the competition.

Life Sciences Sequence

Build pipelines for specialized skill sets

Organize, search, and nurture your CRM & ATS database based on clinical experience, past companies, therapeutic expertise, and more.

Life Sciences Prospect Search

Re-engage talent at pivotal milestones

From interns to senior leaders, Gem regularly refreshes candidate profiles and automates re-engagement so you can capitalize on key career developments.

Life Sciences Candidate Timeline

Unlock the full-funnel recruiting data

Gem delivers powerful, customizable analytics across your CRM and ATS to help you make strategic recruiting decisions.

Life Sciences Standardized Reporting Pipeline

Elevate your diversity recruiting strategy

Evaluate the impact of your diversity efforts and uncover any potential biases in your funnel with gender and race/ethnicity insights.

Pipeline Diversity

"Gem really takes the more traditional side of marketing and moves it into Talent Acquisition. Everything I do in the platform helps build and maintain a compelling employer brand. The ROI is massive for us or anyone in healthcare."

Jill | Bay State PT
Jillian BarthelDirector of Marketing
Bay State Physical Therapy Logo
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“With dashboards, I can easily visualize all my recruiting data in a way I've never been able to do before. It consolidates data from various sources, including our ATS, into a user-friendly interface that helps you make informed, data -driven decisions. Additionally, dashboards allow hiring managers to access this information, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed.”

Komal Kalia - Biorender
Komal KaliaSenior Technical Recruiter
Biorender logo color | Quotes

“Any passive candidate I talk to I can move into a project in Gem and stay in touch with them. Maybe they’re not a good fit now or maybe they’re not interested yet; but 12, 18 months later we have the same opening... Now I’m not sourcing from scratch for this new role.”

Blake Thiess | Prestige Care
Blake ThiessDirector of Talent Acquisition
Prestige Care | Customer Logo
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