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Cultivate better relationships and hire more quality candidates with Gem.

Why Gem?

Candidates want to find the right match for their next move. And TA teams want to find the right match for their company. Recruiters are drowning in inefficient ways to manage and build relationships. Or they aren’t doing it at all.

Gem simplifies building relationships so you can hire quality candidates, faster.

2xResponse rates
5xFaster sourcing
5xHigher passthrough rates for engaged candidates

How Gem works

Powered by a modern CRM, Gem helps TA teams with sourcing and outreach, all aspects of pipeline management, and provides the data and insights needed to operate more strategically.

Why TA leaders love Gem

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Talent Compass

Design a data-driven strategy

See how many candidates you’re on track to hire, if you’re meeting (or beating) industry benchmarks, and forecast capacity needs using aggregated data from across Gem and your ATS.

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Pipeline Management

Turn recruiters into rockstars

Make managing talent pipelines a breeze so your recruiters can spend more time focused on what they do best—building relationships with quality talent.

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Talent Sourcing and Outreach

Automate tedious, manual work

Save your recruiters’ hours each week by automating follow-ups, reminders, and other tasks that get in the way of actual hiring.

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Talent CRM

Bring every interaction together

Say goodbye to siloes and give your team visibility into every email, SMS, phone call, note, and more—from across Gem, your ATS, or inbox.

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Diversity Insights

Assess your diversity strategy

Measure diversity throughout the hiring funnel to ensure your recruiters are finding enough diverse talent, and that they are not dropping out of the process at increased rates.

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