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Over 1,200 organizations, including members of the Fortune 100, trust Gem to keep their data safe & secure. Learn more about our information security and compliance framework.

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Physical security

We’re hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) who provide industry-leading data center physical security controls. We rigorously enforce physical security at all our locations, with access controls, visitor monitoring, and CCTV.

Data protection

Gem conducts background screening checks on all employees. Our employees only access, use, disclose and transfer customer data according to our contractual agreements and/or at our customers’ direction and in line with all applicable laws and regulations.

Data privacy

Gem embeds a holistic privacy program into our processes and services offering.

Verified protection

Gem undergoes regular internal and third party audits to ensure proper security and procedures.

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Gem’s compliance standards are vetted by major third-party auditors to ensure compliance with SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA standards.

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