Recruit for Diversity

Discover ways to improve equity in the hiring process

Gem helps recruiters find and engage talent from underrepresented groups and delivers unparalleled visibility into pipeline diversity and passthrough.

Diversity Insights

Why customers trust Gem to recruit under-represented talent

Expand your reach

Gem connects across multiple channels, social networks, and more to help you discover and engage under represented talent.

Visualize pipeline diversity

Gem’s predictive algorithm helps recruiters understand how their top-of-funnel efforts translate into pipeline diversity.

Uncover potential bias

Gem surfaces full-funnel data from your ATS to help you identify how URG candidates pass through your funnel.

Uncover best practices

Measure pipeline diversity across teams and managers to identify teams that employ successful strategies.

Source talent from underrepresented groups

Activate 20+ channels and networks to expand your recruiters’ ability to engage specialized and underrepresented talent.

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Visualize the diversity of your pipeline

Gem tracks gender and race/ethnicity through the entire hiring funnel so you can understand how your team is building diverse talent pipelines.

Pipeline Analytics gender funnel

Uncover any hidden biases in the process

Identify any disproportionate drop-offs and bottlenecks at specific stages by to investigate opportunities to remove bias.

Pipeline Analytics group by gender

Hold your team accountable

Measure diversity metrics by recruiter, department, or geo across every step of the hiring funnel to understand and demonstrate how your organization is performing.

Recruiter's pipeline breakdown by gender

“We have real-time insights that answer these questions: What do passthrough rates look like for each role across demographics? Are we noticing any bottlenecks that need immediate flagging? Maybe it looks like candidates are sitting in stage X for Y number of days. This shouldn’t be happening; how do we resolve it? We’re really talking about the ability to make quick pivots and optimize performance the moment we see trustworthy funnel data that spurs us to action.”

En-Szu Hu-Van Wright | Chili Piper
En-Szu Hu-Van WrightTalent Ops Manager
Chili Piper | Customer Logo
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“We’re striving to increase the representation of certain employee populations across teams, roles, and levels. Gem is not only informing those targets; it’s also helping us track how we’re trending in our diversity efforts.”

Josh Salazar | Gusto
Josh SalazarPeople Operations
Gusto | Customer Logo
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“I can see where individual bottlenecks are. If a recruiter is having 20 times more phone screens for a certain hiring manager, do they fully understand what they’re recruiting for? Does the hiring manager fully know what they need and if the market aligns with it?”

Joel Torres | Twilio
Joel TorresSenior Recruiting Manager
Twilio | Customer Logo
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