Campus & Events

Maximize the impact of your campus & recruiting events

Effortlessly manage your end-to-end event strategy and capitalize on new relationships with one centralized events management platform.

Talent Marketing - Events Management

Why customers love Gem for campus & events recruiting

Consolidate multiple vendors

Juggle fewer tools to run your events. From creation and promotion to guest management, follow-up, and nurture, everything is done in Gem.

Ensure data integrity across the funnel

Capture new leads directly into your CRM without any manual data transfers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with accurate candidate tracking.

Demonstrate ROI and impact with data

Connect top of funnel event activities with bottom of funnel outcomes from your ATS to justify the direct impact of your events strategy.

Design branded university portals and event pages, without IT

Take advantage of our user-friendly, no-code interface to effortlessly design pages to promote upcoming events, share deadlines, and more, all while adhering to brand guidelines.

Event Page

Promote events with targeted automation

Build targeted candidate pools and schedule communication so your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Talent Marketing - Event Promotion/Invites

Digitally capture and segment leads

Effortlessly collect attendee information automatically and segment them into the right talent communities in your CRM.

Talent Marketing - Career Fair - Route to Projects - Life Sciences

Review applications at record speed

Use advanced filters, Boolean search, and resume keyword highlights to quickly find the best applicants in the stack.

Application Review - Keywords - Life Sciences

Ensure connections last beyond the events

Continuously engage, nurture, and track early-in-career and university students to future-proof pipelines for next year.

Candidate Profile Timeline

Make smarter, data-driven decisions

Measure event analytics and track the journey of every candidate across the funnel to understand the impact of every event and optimize your approach.

Talent Marketing - Site Analytics
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