Fast-track hiring with intelligent scheduling

Gem automatically optimizes scheduling and interviewer training while creating a seamless experience for both candidates and hiring teams.

ATS Scheduling

Why customers love Gem scheduling

Consolidate tools and save money

Save 50% on the cost of standalone scheduling tools by switching to Gem's end-to-end platform that includes sourcing, CRM, ATS, analytics, career sites, talent marketing, and more.

Schedule panels in as little as 2 minutes

Gem's intelligent recommendations account for complex nuances and edge cases without making recruiters manually scan multiple calendars at once.

Book 2x more interviews

With built-in automation for event updates, alerts, interviewer swaps, debriefs, and more, recruiters and coordinators using Gem can schedule twice as many interviews as before.

Slash time-to-hire by 25%

With powerful automation and easy workflows, Gem customers have reduced time-to-first-interview by 52%, resulting in an overall reduction of 25% in time-to-hire.

Optimize schedules automatically

Account for interviewer & candidate availability, time zones, load management, interview focus areas, preferences, and more to create the perfect schedule.

Optimized Scheduling

Deliver seamless candidate experiences

Easily allow candidates to submit their availability and self-schedule while consistently delivering on-brand, on-time communication.

Scheduling Candidate Experience

Make scheduling easy for hiring teams

Use workflow templates, alerts, analytics, rescheduling automations, and more to remove friction and avoid mishaps.

Interview workflow templates

Expand your interviewer pool with effective training

Add programs directly into the scheduling process so interview trainees can immediately start learning through shadow and reverse-shadow sessions.

Interviewer training

"Automation and efficiency are at the core of every great candidate experience. [Gem Scheduling] supercharges your team's capabilities in the flip of a switch."

Jamey Iaccino
Jamey IaccinoOperations Staff
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“[Gem Scheduling] has been life-changing. Other recruiting tools have paled in comparison. Its seamless integration and efficiency have transformed our hiring process, saving time and enhancing the candidate experience.”

Sara Ali Technical Recruiter at High Touch
Sara AliSenior Technical Recruiter
Hightouch logo

“[Gem Scheduling] is super intuitive to use. It has proven to be absolutely crucial in scaling our company during a high-growth phase. We doubled the interviews scheduled from the year prior.”

Paulina Sry Head of People Ops Quantco
Paulina SreyHead of People Operations
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