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Amplifying your employer brand with Stripe, Reef, and Upstart

Jeff Beckham

Jeff Beckham

Head of Marketing

Posted on

April 5, 2022

  • Emily D’Andrea, SVP, Talent Brand, Employee Experience & DEI at Reef

  • Charles Kuykendoll, Global Lead, Talent Brand & Events at Stripe

  • Andréa Long, Head of Talent Engagement Strategy at Upstart

  • Matt Tague, Director, Talent Advisory at Gem

The borderless talent revolution has removed geographic hiring boundaries, allowing leading companies to open the aperture to talent. A key component to a winning strategy is designing a broad-based talent brand engagement approach that allows companies to tell their stories at scale, to the audiences they want to engage with. Hear how Stripe, Reef, and Upstart are moving the talent brand space forward to meet the needs of our time.

Watch this panel to hear how Talent Brand leaders are:

  • Developing distinct and attractive employer brands

  • Meeting talent where they are and showing up authentically

  • Accelerating diversity hiring in a remote environment

  • Measuring their success through recruiting outcomes

  • Globalizing and localizing talent engagement strategies

  • And more!


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