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Dannielle Romoleroux

Dannielle Romoleroux

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August 26, 2022

It’s said that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. This statement is increasingly the case in times of uncertainty when businesses are under pressure to assess their overall health, audit spending, and implement changes to conserve cash. So where does Talent Acquisition (TA) fit into this? TA teams are no exception, they must use data to help them operate more strategically and efficiently. While historically, TA teams have used instinct to shape strategy, it’s the data that “allows you to visualize trends, gather insights, spot bottlenecks, and optimize your recruiting process” as Gem’s Senior RecOps Director, Amy Wood, reminds us in the first installment of The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Dashboards.

Even when TA teams know this is true, they still struggle with getting started on their data journey. A shortage of data is rarely ever the problem, instead, it’s the piecing together several data points to produce meaningful metrics and actionable insights. That’s why we decided to build Dashboard Library for Talent Compass, to help TA teams get started in analyzing and taking action with their most important data points.

Templates now available on Dashboard Library: Executive Overview, Pipeline Diversity, Interview Health, Recruiting Health, Outreach Health, Recruiting Team Productivity, and Sourcing Team Productivity.

Get the metrics you need, without the guesswork

If one hurdle to uncovering important insights is knowing exactly what to measure or track, then we have you covered. Gem’s Product team partnered closely with our high-performing customers to understand what dashboards they were using the most in their day-to-day and why it was important to their team. With that information, we created Dashboard Library, complete with seven use-case-specific templates removing the guesswork from building them from scratch. Each template is fully customizable to suit your team’s specific needs.

Executive overview

Foster a data-fluent TA team with standardized reporting

When recruiting metrics and insights become easily accessible, the entire business benefits. Long gone are the days when the data can be siloed to one team member, it’s important that every member of the TA team own their data and have insights into what matters most to them. That of course is made easier when everyone can work under one standardized process for tracking and measuring their work. Dashboard Library allows everyone on the team to own their insights and data in their day-to-day.

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Access to actionable insights for specific reporting needs

With our seven different templates, you can uncover insights for your particular use case in just a few clicks. This means getting the information you need to make data-driven decisions has never been easier. We did the heavy lifting and determined that the following seven templates available would drive the most impact on your workflow and towards hitting your goals.

Executive Overview. A high-level overview of the current state of recruiting.

Pipeline Diversity. The candidate breakdown of the existing funnel

Interview Health. A look inside your full-funnel interview health and interviewer workload.

Recruiting Health. Full-funnel visibility of all your ATS stages to spot potential bottlenecks.

Outreach Health. For tracking your top-of-funnel sourcing activity and its impact on your candidate pipeline.

Recruiting Team Productivity & Sourcing Team Productivity. Measuring your team’s performance and output.

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What’s next

As we continue to invest in this product, we’ll love to hear from you on which dashboards are having the most impact and which ones you’d like to see. In the meantime, check out our recent webinar for an inside look at the dashboards Gem’s customers and Senior RecOps Director, Amy Wood, use daily.

If you’re new to Gem or interested in Dashboard Library access get in touch with a team member to learn more.

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