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Dannielle Romoleroux

Dannielle Romoleroux

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July 26, 2022

Given the current market uncertainty, layoff announcements, and overall macroeconomic events, it’s essential that Talent Acquisition (TA) teams position themselves as strategic partners to the business. As Gem’s Chief Recruiting Officer, Richard Cho, explores further in this letter, it’s time to embrace strategic recruiting. With the power to influence business outcomes, TA teams must fully grasp their recruiting health metrics and how they translate to broader business goals.Our latest updates to Talent Compass gives teams a pulse on their recruiting health to make any necessary pivots. This new release allows recruiting teams to stay on top of current job requisitions and pipelines, monitor scorecards, balance interviewer workload, and optimize outreach strategies.

Stay on top of current reqs and pipeline

In order to know where you’re headed, you need to know where you’ve been and where you are. For recruiting teams that means understanding how your team’s resources are allocated and whether or not that’s moving the needle in your hiring goals. With the right metrics, teams will be able to make pivots that increase the effectiveness of their efforts. Talent Compass gives recruiting teams a complete picture of their open and closed requisitions, a current pipeline view, and track time to fill (or hire) to facilitate more accurate goal setting.

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Monitor scorecard completion & hygiene

Recruiting operations and recruiters know that using scorecards enables consistency and standardization for candidate feedback, which is a powerful driver for reducing bias in the process. The challenge is that enforcing scorecard completion and hygiene is often a cumbersome and thankless task. Recruiters often have to chase down hiring managers or have to make decisions on candidates without everyone’s feedback documented. Fortunately, Talent Compass surfaces scorecard insights including decisions and the average time to complete, allowing recruiters to pinpoint which departments, hiring managers, and interviewers are completing their scorecards. These insights empower recruiters to bring attention to teams that need help with consistent feedback collection, thereby enforcing a fair and consistent evaluation of candidates.

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Stay on top of interviewer workloads

Burnout is on the rise, according to APA’s 2021 Work and Well-being Survey, 59% of employees have experienced negative impacts of work-related stress. Businesses as a whole need to monitor closely their employee’s workload and satisfaction to ensure that they don’t lose their existing talent. From recruiters who are spending a majority of their time interviewing to hiring teams that are being tasked with responsibilities outside of their regular work. Talent leaders are responsible for ensuring that their teams and hiring partners are managing a balanced workload that doesn’t interfere with larger business outcomes. With Talent Compass, TA leaders and recruiting operations have insights into interviews conducted and hours spent by department, hiring manager, interviewer, or recruiter to capture any red flags immediately.

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Track how outreach activities drive hiring outcomes

Sourcing is having its moment as more and more companies are seeing the value of directly engaging passive talent instead of waiting for them to apply. However, not all outbound efforts are the same, and talent teams will always be asked to justify their investments. By taking the time to identify outreach strategies and how they drive hiring outcomes, recruiting teams identify and standardize best practices that the rest of the team can leverage. They can also make the business case on how outbound efforts are directly contributing to company growth, thereby ensuring proper resource allocation and investment. Talent Compass captures and reports outreach and sequence activity to help teams visualize their sourcing efforts and how they drive impact.

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What’s next

As we continue to invest in this product, we’ll build additional capabilities to help you track and present your recruiting data. These investments include dashboard templates tailored for specific needs, allowing you to get bring data and insights into recruiting without starting from scratch. If you’re new to Gem or interested in leveraging data to improve your team's overall recruiting health get in touch with a team member to learn more. Contact your customer success manager today if you’re a Gem customer and want to learn more about getting started with Talent Compass!


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