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Elevating Recruitment with SaaS Applicant Tracking Systems

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Brandice Payne

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April 16, 2024

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method of delivering business-specific software to teams both on-premises and remote through subscription-based access instead of one-time licenses. Think of logging into a webpage or application instead of installing software on your computer. The benefits of SaaS platforms are that they require little to no on-device installation and management, making them ideal for speedy implementation. 

And when it comes to recruiting software specifically, a SaaS-based application tracking system (ATS) is a remote or cloud-based hiring alternative to local recruitment software. The introduction of SaaS ATS software means more businesses can take advantage of the benefits an ATS platform brings to the table, which include everything from higher levels of productivity to higher quality of work from your new hires. Plus, businesses outsource the updating and maintenance of this software, offloading more responsibilities and keeping HR professionals focused on critical relationship-building activities. 

In this article, we explore how a SaaS ATS provider, like Gem, can improve hiring in various industries.  

SaaS ATS: A Game Changer for Enterprise Recruitment

Enterprises have many moving parts and large workforces, meaning significant numbers of open roles and job seekers applying to them. SaaS ATS software supports enterprise-level operations through elevated productivity, faster pipeline production, and quicker time-to-hire. 

An ATS platform helps to automate various parts of the recruitment process, including outreach. For instance, a SaaS ATS can automate and personalize messages across recruitment channels, attracting candidates wherever they hang out digitally. 

Additionally, enterprises have high volumes of job applications and resumes that hiring teams must comb through. An ATS speeds this process up by applying filters, advanced search queries, and producing candidate scorecards. 

An all-in-one ATS and CRM package keeps sizable teams on the same page, regardless of organization size or department location. It can also integrate with existing ERP and CRM systems to streamline workflows.

Lastly, robust ATS systems, like the Gem platform, are scalable, providing an affordable way to meet the complex demands of large organizations. Scalability with affordable pricing is essential for businesses adapting to seasonal fluctuation and a constantly evolving workplace. 

Streamlining Financial Services Recruitment with SaaS ATS

Businesses in the financial services sector face challenges ranging from strict governmental oversight to tarnished public perception. These businesses must also compete with tech and fintech firms for top talent, particularly as companies shift to a more technology-oriented position. 

Financial service team members also embrace a digital revolution, focusing on cloud-based solutions that support robust infrastructure, cyber, and financial transaction security. This elevated level of security is necessary to remain compliant and minimize the risk of updating to new systems. 

Fortunately, SaaS ATS platforms easily incorporate new, advanced recruiting and hiring technology without disrupting operations. A SaaS ATS can help locate qualified candidates with required certifications thanks to smart filters, sorting, and outreach features. 

Automation capabilities, such as interview scheduling, video interviews, and skills evaluations, enable financial services recruiters to spend more time and effort on relationship-building with potential candidates. Plus, you can keep track of every interaction by integrating your CRM and keeping your hiring pipeline filled with warm leads that are ready to engage when positions open. 

Innovating Life Sciences Recruitment with SaaS ATS

Professionals in the life sciences industry have strict education, experience, and skill requirements, often demanding a complex blend of multiple abilities. These criteria mean hiring managers must source the right candidates from universities, specialized locations, and competing organizations.

The wide variety of job descriptions for roles in the life sciences industry mean recruiting individuals for roles related to healthcare, biology, biotech, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, healthcare manufacturing, and customer service. Talent pools often need advanced degrees, experience with unique equipment, locations near universities and hospitals, or technical knowledge. 

Recruitment platforms support the variety of functions, roles, and skills life science professionals need to be successful. 

Recruiters can take a proactive approach to recruiting, such as partnering with universities to find new graduates and leveraging the technology in a SaaS ATS to keep track of outreach, job postings, and even contact they’ve had with candidates via social media.

Transforming Manufacturing Talent Acquisition with SaaS ATS

Manufacturing is another industry undergoing rigorous digital transformations, mainly because more jobs are returning from overseas. Despite the growth in domestic manufacturing, many potential employees still have an outdated and overall negative view of the industry. 

In addition to needing a rebrand, manufacturing is one of the least diverse industries. These issues compound when considering that manufacturing HR departments experience staffing shortages, with many talent management professionals wearing multiple hats. 

Luckily, SaaS ATS solutions are providing some relief by automating previously manual functions, including:

  • Scheduling interviews

  • Administering pre-screen assessments

  • Requesting background checks

  • Moving candidates through the hiring pipeline

  • Screening candidate profiles for skills-based hiring

  • Supporting blind resumes and DEI sourcing 

ATS platforms support outreach campaigns with the ability to coordinate social media efforts on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, improve employer branding through relationship building, and fill high-volume and specialized roles.

Enhancing Staffing Agencies’ Efficiency with SaaS ATS

Staffing agencies provide a valuable service for organizations by expanding the recruiting and hiring capabilities of businesses that need HR support. Recruitment agencies manage the entire recruitment process for several clients and rely on tools that seamlessly connect with hiring managers to finalize hiring decisions. 

A SaaS ATS allows recruitment teams to post and update job ads from multiple job boards using a single dashboard. HR teams can enjoy customizable pipelines for each requisition, and the ATS keeps everyone on the same page with automatic updates.  

Utilizing a robust ATS, like the one from Gem, you can integrate this software into your current workflows without disrupting operations and tech stacks. Likewise, you can build comprehensive candidate databases with automatically updated candidate profiles. 

The scalability of a SaaS ATS is also a massive benefit for staffing agencies, as talent acquisition teams can easily handle high-volume requisitions. 

The Impact of Automation and CRM in SaaS ATS

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is crucial for sales and marketing, but incorporating it with an ATS platform allows you to unify the candidate management experience. You can even track that overall candidate experience across all touchpoints, including email, LinkedIn, ATS, and career sites. 

Additionally, that integration means navigating fewer pieces of software, enabling access to tools from a single dashboard. Plus, integration gives you a more customized experience from your real-time metric dashboards to hiring pipelines. 

Unifying your ATS and CRM means you can take advantage of AI to automate more time-consuming tasks, freeing human resource professionals to engage the best candidates proactively. Furthermore, use your CRM data with machine learning to gain actionable insights and data-driven decision-making. 

Your recruitment CRM contains a wealth of data, including previous applicants. Re-engage with these applicants to fill job openings or replace departing employees in a fraction of the time it would take to start fresh. 

A SaaS ATS integrated with a CRM means tracking all touchpoint interactions, opening the door to personalization at every step of the process. This pairing is enough to supercharge your recruiting efforts, but partnering with Gem allows you to take things further. Gem makes it easy to integrate your ATS and CRM, boosting recruiting and DEI results with minimal effort. 

Data-Driven Recruitment Strategies with SaaS ATS

At the heart of every SaaS applicant tracking software is data. That data powers the advanced algorithms to improve the quality of AI models, which in turn helps hiring managers make better decisions on which candidates to bring onto the team. 

Data is crucial for modern recruitment strategies, and it brings several benefits with it, including: 

  • Predictive analysis – predict future staffing needs and evaluate potential success based on previous employees. 

  • Diversity hiring – identify implicit and unconscious biases during the candidate sourcing, hiring, and onboarding process. 

  • Improve retention rates – identify what characteristics lead to success in a given role, reducing turnover. 

  • Enhanced productivity – use automated tasks to get more done in less time. 

  • Improved onboarding – understand the onboarding steps that need improvement. These improvements help raise engagement levels and ease acclimation to the team. 

In many ways, data is becoming as valuable as profit, enabling businesses, from startups and small businesses to enterprise-level organizations, to make better decisions about the people they bring onto the team. 

Revolutionizing Recruitment with Gem’s SaaS Solutions

Software as a Service provides an affordable, accessible, and simplified way to introduce advanced technology into your business. The SaaS concept includes applicant tracking systems, making automated recruiting tools a reality for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. 

Whether you have complex hiring processes for R&D departments or you need to fill high-volume roles, HR software streamlines the process with tools that assist with outreach, screening, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. An ATS gets even more capable when integrated with a CRM to track every interaction throughout the hiring process.

Gem is a SaaS ATS that unlocks automation, expedited hiring, and even a CRM ready for integration. Request a demo today and see how Gem can transform your recruiting results! 


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