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Brandice Payne | Author

Brandice Payne

Senior Manager, Content & Customer Marketing

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June 4, 2023

At Gem, we know that the strongest recruiting teams run on data. Numbers give recruiting teams an objective view of their efforts, so they can figure out where their hiring pipeline is stuck or leaky, make quick mid-quarter pivots, and see those adjusted strategies pay off. You can’t build strong recruiting strategies if you don’t know where to move the needle—or which needles need to be moved. That’s where Gem’s metrics can help:

Outreach Stats

Gem’s Outreach Stats let you track how your outreach communications are faring. Open rates, reply rates, and interested rates broken down by message content, talent pool, and even recipient’s gender allow you see how your messaging is resonating with different populations over any given time period. Did your team kick off a targeted campaign two weeks ago? See how it’s performing now.

Is one recruiter’s outreach converting candidates at higher rates than others? Dig into that person’s messaging to share tips with the rest of the team. You can also use Outreach Stats to manage your team’s full top-of-funnel output by tracking the number of LinkedIn profiles viewed, the number of prospects added to Gem, the number contacted, followed-up with, and more—for any given time period, per recruiter.

Team Activity by Team Member

Team Activity shows how many activities—LinkedIn views, first messages, follow-ups, etc.—were performed in a given time period, helping recruiters understand where they’re spending their time.

Candidate Cohorts

Candidate cohorts displays a cohort view, so you can understand the effectiveness of your outreach (open / replied / interested rates) for whatever time period you filter for. Then dig in to identify the characteristics of your most successful sequences—the ones with the highest reply and interested rates—and replicate those efforts in your next outreach. It’s how Gem helps you uncover best practices for your team.

PM Outreach

Sequence stats gives you the breakdown for individual sequences. You can track conversion rates in aggregate or per stage, to learn which of the four emails you sent in last month’s sequence for that open AE role was most successful.

Content Stats

Content Stats

If you include links in your outreach messages through Gem—which we highly encourage as a way to showcase what’s great about your company—you’ll be able to track how prospects engage with that content. Link to that blog post written by your female head engineer, or to the article about your recent round of funding, or to a page about your core values—and then use Content Stats to discover what content compels prospects to click, and which clicks lead to replies. All this data will better inform your outreach strategy—not to mention help you control your talent brand.

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