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Customer Story

Healthcare provider saves 230 hours monthly using Gem

2,100+hours saved through Gem’s automated sourcing and sequencing
$150,000+expected annual savings with Gem’s sourcing efficiency alone
33%of hires were sourced through Gem in the past 9 months
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1,000+ employees

Pain points / Challenges

  • The team needed a solution to centralize all candidate history.

  • Sourcing was new to the company.

  • Needed to build talent pools while managing referral clinics—and avoid poaching from them.

Results with Gem

  • The team used Talent Compass, specifically Dashboards, as the source of truth for reliable data.

  • Scaled their sourcing efforts by leveraging Gem’s Sequences and SMS, from sending 28 sequences in their first month to sending 4,500+ sequences in April 2023.

  • One of the most active users of Gem Campaigns and Forms to automatically route leads into the right talent pools and increasing conversion rates from application to hired stage.

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