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Gem CRM gives Procore a single source of hiring truth

Procore Technologies provides innovative and unified construction management software to thousands of companies in several countries. With hundreds of open roles to fill in three separate continents, Procore needed a way to consolidate hiring data across their ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and tools like LinkedIn and their own email. The company also faced the challenge of trying to remove redundancies on how they reached out to candidates.

“Gem illuminates the bulk of work sourcers do before a candidate is officially deemed qualified and interested.”

Maisha Cannon | Procore

Maisha Cannon

Sourcing Leader

Procore | Customer Logo
Procore | Customer Logo


Carpinteria, CA


2,500+ Employees

What they do:


Pain points / Challenges

  • Tracking candidate relationships was manual and inefficient

  • Duplicating outreach to previously contacted candidates

  • Passive candidates tracked across many different systems

Results with Gem

  • Removed workflow building and relationship tracking inefficiencies

  • Improved candidate experience

  • Combined applicants and passive talent relationships into single source of truth within Gem

Maisha Cannon, Sourcing Leader at Procore, was tasked with a huge amount of outreach and pipeline building. Throughout her career, Cannon experienced the manual, multi-step procedure of tracking candidate outreach, and knows firsthand how laborious the process can be.

“Prior to Gem, tracking candidates was painful,” explains Cannon. “After initially messaging, I’d copy and paste the name and company into a spreadsheet. With a minimum goal of 125 new contacts a week, I was doing a lot of copy and pasting.”

Cannon also explains some obstacles sourcing teams in the technology industry would often encounter.

“During my time at the giant tech companies, 80- 90% of the people I’d reach out to had already been contacted by our sourcing team in the past.” says Cannon. As much as possible, I’d try to find and make a reference to the person who last reached out. Overall, it was a painstaking experience that involved sifting through 20+ notes and crossreferencing an additional 2-10 other places where notes could have been collected.”

Reaching Out with Confidence through Gem

Now, with Gem’s Candidate Relationship Management solution, Gem CRM, Cannon’s candidate tracking process is fully automated, digital, and centralized.

“Being able to take the marketing approach to tracking relationships was a big plus, and having one system that could serve as a source of truth was a dream come true.” she says.

With Gem CRM, Cannon can instantly see when a candidate was last contacted, set due dates for future follow up, and even tag a co-worker to help understand context. Setting rules of engagement within Gem CRM means that candidate relationships can be easily preserved and respected across the entire team.

“I have all my candidates in one place, and I know I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes when I engage.” she adds.

“I have all my candidates in one place, and I know I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes when I engage.”

Source of Truth with Gem

As talent organizations mature, these teams often end up with complex stacks of software solutions each serving specific parts of the hiring process. Having to reference multiple sources for every candidate means a slower process and greater likelihood that sourcing teams have trouble staying on the same page.

“Unfortunately, many different tools do only a little of what we needed,” says Cannon. “Gem CRM unifies our stack into a shared source of truth, integrating every email we send and every talent relationship from any source—whether it’s our ATS, notes from phone screens, or places like Linkedln and GitHub where we start our search for talent.”

In addition to consolidating data, Gem CRM has allowed Cannon to monitor and track the sourcing work done at a crucial period: before the candidate has entered the interview process.

“What do you do when someone says `I’m not ready to interview quite yet, but stay in touch.’? Before Gem, I was essentially keeping my own paper CRM, writing notes in my physical notebook and creating calendar events to remind me to follow up.”

Today, Cannon and her team easily keep track of candidates with whom they have ongoing relationships, keep in touch based on the timing needs of individual candidates, and measure the long-term approach the team is utilizing.

“What happens below the surface often has the most impact on driving business success.” she says. “Gem illuminates the bulk of work done before a candidate is officially deemed qualified and interested.”

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