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The Procore team saved over 200 hours a month using Gem

Procore Technologies, a renowned name in construction management software, grappled with issues related to adaptability and the need for clearer visibility into crucial metrics. The team felt that vital insights were slipping through the gaps in their existing tools. The recruitment targets? Becoming a challenge. The strategy? Seeking enhancement. Procore sought a robust solution to refine its recruitment strategy and obtain deeper insights. We sat down with Nicole Carriere, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition who leads the Global Sourcing and Executive Search team at Procore, to talk about the company's journey with Gem and how it has transformed its talent acquisition strategy.

Procore's TA team has navigated a complex set of challenges in recent years. With a transition in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) from Greenhouse to SmartRecruiters and the evolving needs of the talent acquisition landscape, the team identified an opportunity for a tool to support them in their outreach, reporting, and pipelining endeavors.

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Carpinteria, California, United States (HQ)


4,000 employees

What they do:

Procore Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: PCOR) provides cloud-based construction software to clients across the globe. Using its award-winning suite of project management tools, Procore users manage all types of construction projects.



Pain points / Challenges

  • Change management: transitioning to a new applicant tracking system disrupted workflows and data consistency

  • Insight gaps: Lack of critical data insights impeded strategic recruitment efforts

  • Inefficiency in Outreach: Organizing and strategizing outreach efforts was cumbersome, leading to reduced recruiter productivity and effectiveness

Results with Gem

  • Enhanced Reporting: Gem's out of the box reporting empowered strategic, data-driven decisions

  • Recruitment Efficiency: Streamlined outreach and organization in Gem reduced tedious manual tasks

  • Adoption Success: Rapid uptake and effective use of Gem post-training doubled tool usage

How Procore leveraged Gem to ease the pain of change management and boost recruiter effectiveness

Gem as the solution to boost efficiency and provide robust data and analytics, the Procore team had the task of effectively implementing and training its recruiters on Gem. Adoption of tools is a well-known struggle when implementing any new technology. 

"From the moment we introduced Gem's training in May, our team nearly doubled its usage of the tool in just a couple of months. This isn't just a measure of adoption; it highlights how the tool contributed to overall productivity. It shows how the team not only adopted it but implemented it effectively."

Nicole Carriere | Procore

Nicole Carriere

Senior Manager, Global Talent Sourcing & Executive Search

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The Gem solution has proven to be a valuable tool during the ATS transition, implementing sourcing KPIs within a new sourcing team and a way to measure overall pipeline performance. Nicole found Gem to be a reliable source: "Gem has consistently remained our source of truth through all the transitions," she notes.

Smarter Reporting with Gem: Procore's Data-Driven Leap

"Gem offers some of the most user-friendly reporting features, enabling us to manipulate data easily and become a self-service TA tool," Nicole remarks.

Reporting has always been an area of focus for Procore, and Gem's capabilities significantly enhanced this function.

The reporting served not only internal needs within the talent acquisition and brand teams but also provided key insights for external business partners. "The data can tell many different stories, depending on the audience," Nicole explains. Examples include pipeline analytics and outreach statistics, all contributing to data-driven decision-making.

For those still considering a tool like Gem, which has saved her team over 200 per month, Nicole stresses the benefits of efficiency. "You can quantify the ROI. The efficiencies gained from smarter, more organized outreach are invaluable," she states.

In the dynamic world of talent acquisition, Procore found a solid partner in Gem. From enhanced reporting capabilities to easing transitions during system migrations, Gem provided a comprehensive solution tailored to meet Procore's diverse needs.

"As we move into a new era where pipelining talent is becoming increasingly important, companies need tools like Gem to manage talent pools and these efforts more efficiently," Nicole concludes.

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