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Terminal Increases Response Rates to 41% with Gem

Terminal is the world’s first tech-enabled remote teams engine for fast-growing companies. The company provides services and infrastructure in a complete solution that allows businesses to build world-class remote engineering teams quickly, and hire, develop, and retain talent by creating communities that take the guesswork out of remote and help startups thrive.

Founded in 2016, Terminal has built over 30 remote teams and has hired more than 350 engineers across Canada, the United States, and Latin America.


San Francisco, CA

What they do

Recruiting and software


200+ employees

Gem product

Sourcing, Compass
“Collectively, we saw a 31% response rate in April. May was 35%, June and July were 33%, then August jumped to 41%. That’s a significant increase in prospect interest, thanks to Gem.”
Kerri McKinney
Kerri McKinney
Global Director of Talent Acquisition
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