Diversity is one of our four core values…

DEI at Gem

And we take it very seriously

As a company, Gem’s responsibility to upholding diversity (and not just diversity, but also equity and inclusion) takes a number of forms. It means fostering DEI in the businesses we serve by building a product that makes hiring a diverse team easier. It means walking the walk by building a diverse community of Gem employees and modeling a culture of true acceptance and belonging.

Our commitment to diversity includes what’s happening outside of Gem’s doors, and our obligation to respond to it.

Black Lives Matter at Gem

To that end, here’s Gem's stance on the protests (May/June 2020) happening in response to yet more killings of Black men and women in a long history of racial violence in our country. It’s both an unwavering stance on the BLM movement and a commitment on the part of all our non-Black Gems to do better.


The belief that Gem can only make a smart, powerful, and dynamic product with a diverse team has been built into the company from the beginning. Because we’re in the recruiting space, we understand the fierce commitment building a diverse team demands. Over the last year and a half, the Gem team has seen an 18% increase in URM employees and a 20% increase in female-identified employees. We plan to sustain that—including an investment in diversifying at the leadership level. In 2020, we’re also committing to mentorship initiatives to ensure all Gems have equal access to internal promotion.

Quote Attributed To Caroline Stevenson, Head of People

DEI resources for recruiters

For talent acquisition teams who are committed to DEI in their orgs, we’re updating our diversity resources as often as possible.

If you’re willing to do the work, we especially recommend our comprehensive three-part Ultimate Guide to Sourcing and Nurturing Diverse Talent Pools, which lays the stakes for diversity, details how and where to find underrepresented talent, and specifies the cues underrepresented talent will be looking for to ensure your org will be a safe place to land.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Sourcing and Nurturing Diverse Talent Pools