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Every Wednesday at 10 am PT | 1 pm ET

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Every Wednesday, 10 am PT | 1 pm ET

Gem is the Al-powered recruiting platform TA teams love. We help businesses to hire with speed & efficiency and transform recruiting into a strategic, data-driven partner to the business.

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“I’m constantly using Gem to look for things we can magnify and launch as best practices across the entire org.”

Joel Torres | Twilio
Joel TorresSr. Recruiting Manager
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“I’ve created dashboards in Gem that tell us what our projected hires are for each role. I share them with our Talent Development team so we can answer some critical questions: Do we have enough capacity to make those hires? What stage of the funnel will need the most attention?”

En-Szu Hu-Van Wright
En-Szu Hu-Van WrightTalent Ops Manager
Chili Piper Logo White

“Gem is the place for all my metrics, regardless of what stage of the funnel I’m looking at. I’m in Talent Pipeline regularly to check the health of my pipelines, where all my candidates are, what needs attention.”

Sam Leveston | Handshake
Sam LevestonSenior Recruiter
Handshake Logo