Exclusive Early Access: Gem's 2023 Winter Edition Recruiting Benchmarks Report

In today's market, understanding industry performance is vital. Our report lets recruiting teams see their position relative to the industry, pinpointing growth opportunities and potential vulnerabilities. This ensures decisions align with market trends. πŸ”’ Early access closes on November 30th, don't miss out!

πŸ“ˆ A Sneak Peek at Industry Insights

  • 68% of companies have seen an increase in quality candidates after revamping their email outreach strategies.

  • A staggering 45% uptick in pass-through rates was observed by companies focusing on diverse hiring practices.

What else does early access get you?

  • The full report 2 weeks before the general release

  • A members-only blog with insights and key hot takes from industry analysts

  • A first look at Gem's benchmark calculator

  • Invite only executive roundtable to network and hear from industry experts (space is very limited)