Unify your recruiting tech stack

Gem integrates with the tools and platforms you use most—such as applicant tracking systems, sourcing sites, and communication tools—to simplify and facilitate your everyday recruiting experience.

Gem Integrations
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Work where you are

Gem meets recruiters where they are without disrupting their existing workflows. It’s why our users voted Gem for G2's Highest Satisfaction Products Award for 2022.

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Capture all touchpoints

Gem leverages APIs for a robust bi-directional sync across your tech stack so you can visualize a complete relationship history in one enriched profile.

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Achieve faster time to value

Gem’s turnkey integration gets you started instantly, with customers fully onboarded in weeks, not months.

Accelerate productivity with a real, two-way ATS sync

Gem syncs with your ATS so you can easily upload new candidates, capture all touch points, rediscover silver medalists, and surface analytics across the funnel.

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Source from all your favorite channels

Automatically capture contact information, parse resumes, and engage prospects from 15+ social networks and sites.

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Record all interactions automatically

Log all emails and calendar events—plus LinkedIn InMails, Indeed Messages, and more—on each candidate’s Gem profile, giving you the full history between your company and the candidate.

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Source faster, build better relationships, and hire more quality candidates.

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