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The definitive guide to cold recruiting email outreach 2022 - Hero

2022 EditionThe definitive guide for recruiting email outreach

Benchmarks and best practices for messaging passive talent

Sourced candidates are 5x more likely to be hired than inbound candidates, and up to 80% of recruiting now happens before application. These are just two data points that explain why outbound recruiting is one of the essential things for recruiters to get right.

We analyzed about 10 million outreach sequences sent through Gem to bring you the 2022 edition of “The definitive guide for recruiting email outreach.” You’ll find actionable insights and examples to create successful outreach sequences that help you stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Download the guide to learn:

  • The ideal number of stages in an outreach sequence, along with industry benchmarks

  • The best-performing personalization tokens for subject lines and email body copy

  • Best practices for message length and content—including the specific words that tend to elicit responses

  • Best (and worst!) send times by day, hour, and role

  • Other insights on diversity outreach and using send-on-behalf-of (SOBO)