2023 Recruiting Benchmarks

In today's competitive recruiting landscape, using a data-driven approach to gauge the success of your efforts is critical. But internal comparison only gets you so far – having wider context tells you how you stack up. And whether the data you have is any "good."

Our 2023 Recruiting Benchmarks Report pulls from a database of millions of email outreach sequences and candidates who entered our customers' hiring funnels over the past year.

It includes benchmarks for reply rates, passthrough rates, and time to hire, with breakdowns by company size, industry, and role type.

Download now to unlock industry insights such as:

  • A staggering 45% uptick in pass-through rates was observed by companies focusing on diverse hiring practices.

  • 68% of companies saw an increase in quality candidates after revamping their email outreach strategies.

  • And lots more

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