2023 recruiting trends in Life Sciences

2023 recruiting trends in life sciencesTalent teams' pain points, priorities, expectations, and initiatives

Life sciences talent teams’ pain points, priorities, expectations, and initiatives

What does the future hold for life sciences recruitment? We know that life sciences organizations are facing severe competition for highly-skilled talent and seeing high turnover; and that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is top-of-mind for both employees and employers.

So how are leading talent teams tackling these challenges (and others), and what are their priorities? Gem surveyed nearly 100 seasoned talent acquisition professionals in the life sciences industry. We found:

  • Pipeline-building is the #1 activity talent teams are engaging in to tackle the talent shortage

  • Time to hire is the #1 data point life sciences teams are tracking, followed by offer-accept rate and source of hire

  • Meeting diversity goals remains challenging, and remote/hybrid work is talent teams’ #1 focus

  • Sourcing tech and recruitment marketing platforms are top areas of investment

…and much more—on employer branding, candidate experience, data-driven recruiting, etc.

Download the report to understand the broader life sciences recruiting landscape, assess your company’s place in it, and anticipate what may lie ahead.