The anantomy of a great cold recruiting email

Passive talent outreachThe anatomy of a great cold recruiting email

Learn how to craft a cold email that actually gets candidates to respond

If you’re in the business of sourcing passive talent, you’re probably also in the business of tracking response rates to your outreach.

At Gem, our users see an average reply rate of 32% for a 4-stage sequence. 32% is an achievement; but we’re constantly trying to help our users see even better numbers, and to outperform themselves quarter-over-quarter.

The right cold outreach can create that spark with talent who didn’t think they were looking—and you’ll see that directly reflected in your response rates.

This guide covers the six essential elements of a cold outreach email, including:

  • How to create a standout subject line

  • What kind of personalization drives engagement

  • What prospective candidates most want to hear about the open role

  • Why it’s worth calling out your employee value proposition from the beginning

We’ve also included three examples of powerful recruiting outreach that you can model your emails after. Download this guide and up your outreach game today!