Learn how manufacturers can attract the best and brightest tech talent with an employer brand that stands out

With the recent onset of high-profile layoffs, the labor market has started to expand. For manufacturing organizations serious about accelerating into Industry 4.0, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to close the digital skills gap. 

But simply being available is not enough. These in-high-demand seasoned professionals will not join your organization unless you convince them. You need to refine your employer brand with value propositions that inspire them (hint: it’s about more than compensation) and deploy strategies that put your brand in the best light.

Download this guide to: 

  • Quantify the importance of your employer brand and value props

  • Discover best-in-class strategies for attracting top-tier job seekers

  • Leverage existing templates and frameworks to evolve your recruitment marketing

Close the digital skills gap and build a deep pipeline of talented professionals. Download the guide now.

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