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The recruiting leader's 8-step guide to capacity planning

Are we currently on track to hit our hiring goals this quarter?

Every member of your team is asking themselves this daily. Yet as a talent leader, your version looks like: How do our headcount goals compare to our recruiter capacity?It’s one thing to ask if you’re meeting your goals; it’s another to ask if you’re even equipped to meet them.

Without adequate capacity planning, TA teams lack the ability to forecast hiring goals and risk failing to meet business demands. 

Check out our guide to learn how to:

  • Drive strategic headcount planning 

  • Determine historical productivity, and use it to forecast future performance

  • Factor the unexpected like in attrition or PTO

  • Socialize and validate your model with finance and business leads

With insights from talent leaders at Box, Twilio, Human Capital, and Gem, the recruiting leader’s guide to capacity planning helps you design a plan that sets the right expectations with business partners and is flexible to unexpected business changes.