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Gem enhances your Greenhouse ATS with AI-powered sourcing, CRM, and analytics so your team can 5x recruiter productivity, 2x pipeline building, and 5x hiring speed.

Leading TA teams prefer Gem’s best-in-class recruiting products

Why customers prefer gem

Stronger sourcing workflows

Gem automates multiple steps in the sourcing process, allowing recruiters to engage passive talent with fewer clicks and headaches than Greenhouse.

Faster inbound review

Recruiters use Gem's quick filters, resume highlights, and bulk actions to review inbound applications faster while still finding the most qualified candidates.

More powerful analytics

Our deep Greenhouse integration and no-code interface allow recruiters and TA leaders to finally self-serve their reporting needs with customizable analytics.

Use a solution that actually integrates with your ATS

Customers prefer Gem because our robust integrations ensure that the data you see in Gem matches what's in your Greenhouse ATS and vice versa. Don't get stuck going back and forth between Greenhouse and Interseller just to double check your data.

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Source passive talent twice as fast

Sourcing in GH requires more clicks and recruiters find fewer candidates. Gem automates multi-stage, personalized outreach across multiple channels at once so recruiters spend less time on manual work.

Sequence Automation

Trust the candidate data in your CRM

Unlike in Greenhouse, candidate data doesn't go stale in Gem. Our platform regularly refreshes candidate profiles so your CRM always has the most up to date information and context when interacting with candidates.

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Unlock hello-to-hire analytics you wish you could pull from the ATS

Say goodbye to the headaches of pulling reports from your ATS. Our deep ATS integrations and user-friendly interface make it easy to build custom, full-funnel reports with pipeline health, team performance, hiring forecasts, industry benchmarks, and more

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“Gem gives us visibility into whether or not someone is already in Greenhouse, so we never lose time by sourcing a candidate who’s already in process.”

Mike Moriarty | Dropbox
Mike MoriartyGlobal Head of Engineering Staffing
Dropbox | Customer Logo
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“Gem operates as our singular source of truth when it comes to all of our sourcing efforts and the visibility from our frontline ICs all the way up through our C level executives.”

Emil Yeargin | Gusto
Emil YearginVP of Talent
Gusto | Customer Logo

“I love how tightly Gem is integrated with Greenhouse. It isn’t clunky and it’s almost as if you’re operating within Greenhouse, which is amazing.”

Rachel Green | Spring Health
Rachel GreenSr. Director, Talent Acquisition
Spring Health Customer Logo
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