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Check for duplicates

Gem automatically checks profiles for duplicates so you don’t need to worry about multiple entries into your database.

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Search everywhere

Search for prospects across Gem and your ATS from one interface.

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Plan events easily

Communicate with attendees before or after an event with Gem’s Splash integration.

Capture resume data with one click

Automatically parse resumes and contact information from social networks, add prospects to a project, and personalize outreach right from the Gem Chrome extension.

Recent interactions and previous relationships on Gem extension

Improve outcomes with
 ATS sync

Gem syncs candidate data with your ATS so you can get actionable insights into your recruiting and hiring processes.

ATS sync

Record all interactions automatically

Log all emails and calendar events—plus LinkedIn InMails, Indeed Messages, and more—on each candidate’s Gem profile, giving you the full history between your company and the candidate.

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