Maximize recruiting efficiency and impact

Get complete visibility into your recruiting process to increase productivity, deliver cost savings, and plan for the unpredictable.

Standardized reporting

Trusted by 1,200+ talent acquisition teams

Evaluate your progress

Assess your team’s performance against the competition with industry benchmarks.

Unlock insights faster

Skip the guesswork with preset templates that immediately drive data-driven decisions.

Work smarter

Gather insights on team performance, pipeline health, and interview workload.

Debug end-to-end workflows to drive recruiting productivity

Tap into every dimension of the recruiting funnel and immediately surface bottlenecks.

Recruiter's pipeline breakdown by gender

Discover cost-saving insights to efficiently allocate your budget

Monitor your source spend to eliminate unproductive channels and save big on your recruiting budget.

Pipeline Analytics - Greenhouse

Optimize capacity with real-time forecasting and planning

Stay ready for the unpredictable by forecasting hires against goals, assessing team productivity, and planning strategically.

Pipeline Forecasting

Automate targeted outreach at scale

Use personalization to engage more talent and deliver better candidates.

Automate follow-ups and reminders
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