Together we go far: Recruiting strategies that don’t break a sweat



  • Tim Brown, Peloton

  • Will Blaze, Peloton

  • Matt Cleve, Gem

When it comes to at-home workouts, Peloton is revolutionizing the fitness space. Peloton’s mission to bring immersive and challenging workouts into people's lives in a more accessible, affordable, and efficient way has taken the world by storm and become a staple in many people’s lives. Their commitment to technology doesn’t stop at the pedals either. Peloton has evolved its hiring strategies to use the latest tech to enable the talent team to be a strategic partner within the larger business.

During this session, we’ll be hosting a fireside chat with Peloton’s Tim Brown, VP of Talent Acquisition, and Will Blaze, Director of Talent Acquisition, to discuss Peloton’s hiring journey and how they’re pedaling forward with their talent acquisition program.

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