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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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June 4, 2023

You already have an applicant tracking system. So why do you need anything else? It’s a question we sometimes hear at Gem; and it’s an understandable one. So let’s start with the “A” of ATS. Applicant tracking systems are built for applicants—active talent that’s formally signaled they want to work for you. They’re central hubs for organizing job postings, scheduling interviews, collecting feedback, tracking applicants as they move through the hiring process, and generating offers.

In short, the ATS is built around job vacancies and supports reactive hiring. But until talent applies, there’s no place for them in an ATS. If you’re sourcing passive talent and you only have an ATS, you have nowhere to store that prospect data.

Enter Gem—first to support proactive hiring, and then to give your team a view of your entire funnel, from that very first outreach all the way to hire. We tie together your top-of-funnel Gem stages (sent, open, click, response, and interested rates) and juxtapose them with your downstream ATS stages (converted into process, phone screen, onsite, offer out, and offer accept) to give you a full-funnel view of all your talent acquisition efforts. Your ATS data is pulled into Gem’s interface so you can see the full picture without having to open more browser tabs. With Gem working beside your ATS, you can actually see which sequences are leading to onsites and to hires.

Gem is the ecosystem and source of truth for all talent you’ve ever had a touchpoint with: applicants, former silver medalists, talent you’ve met at professional events who’d be a good fit for your company, referrals from current employees, folks you’ve come across on LinkedIn that you’d like to nurture relationships with for the next time a role opens. If your hiring model is still the old-school “post-and-pray” model, your ATS alone should suffice. You’re just likely to run into trouble when you’ve got an opening that has to be immediately filled and you have no talent pipeline to draw from (this is especially true if diversity is a goal in your org).

But if you’re building a modern recruiting machine—in which sourcers seek out top talent, build pools, nurture prospects, and enhance the end-to-end candidate experience—then Gem is a crucial add to your recruiting tech stack.

Gem integrates with all the major applicant tracking systems on the market to streamline talent teams’ recruiting processes: sourcing prospects faster, uploading talent to your ATS in one click, and sending automated email campaigns directly from our extension. Our ATS integrations allow you to:

  • One-click add candidates to your ATS from the Gem Extension, and from wherever you’re finding talent. Gem sits alongside LinkedIn, GitHub, SeekOut, Facebook, or any other website, and creates new ATS records by auto-populating prospects’ information—all fields completely filled out, resumes attached, and outreach activity logged.

  • Check for potential duplicates against existing candidates in your ATS from within Gem. If we find a match based on a variety of criteria, we automatically link to the existing candidate profile in your ATS.

  • Upload a candidate’s resume to their profile in your ATS

  • See all active candidates in your ATS at a glance in Gem, including where they are in process

  • Automate common ATS actions directly from Gem, such as moving candidates forward to the next stage, rejecting applications, or logging communications with the candidate as touchpoints

  • Get full visibility into the health of your entire talent pipeline from first reachout to offer-out

  • Search and mine your ATS for qualified profiles from past searches to re-engage and nurture

“The integration between our ATS and Gem is huge, it’s number one. This is the first recruiting tool I’ve worked with with such a magical ATS integration. I don’t know what magic Gem’s engineering team is working with, but it’s what made the choice so easy for us at Cisco Meraki.”

Dai Marie Strong

Dai Strong

Global Head of Talent Acquisition Operations & Emerging Talent

Cisco Meraki | Customer Logo

“We tie together your top-of-funnel Gem stages and juxtapose them with your downstream ATS stages to give you a full-funnel view of all your talent acquisition efforts. Your ATS data is pulled into Gem’s interface so you can see the full picture without having to open more browser tabs. With Gem working beside your ATS, you can actually see which sequences are leading to onsites and to hires.”

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Talent Pipeline Active Candidates

Gem’s Talent Pipeline pulls all active candidates in your ATS for any search you’re running— including all inbound applicants, referrals, or anyone else who wasn’t sourced through Gem— and color-codes based on what needs actioning, so recruiters can see what they need to prioritize on any given day.

With this aggregate data, and with Gem as their source of truth, TA teams are now empowered to answer questions they’ve never been able to before:

  • How many reachouts will it take to get an offer? (Gem’s Forecasting Calculator tells you how many candidates you’ll need at each stage of the funnel to hit your hiring goals based on your team’s historic hiring patterns— or, conversely, how many hires you’re likely to make based on the health of your current pipeline.)

  • How does that vary by role and department and geo?

  • How many sourcers and recruiters do we need to hire into our team to capacity-plan and hit our headcount goals?

  • What’s our best source-of-hire, so we know how to allocate resources intelligently?

  • Our goal at Gem is to provide out-of-the-box analytics, in partnership with your ATS, to enable data-driven recruiting.

Pipeline Forecasting Filtered
Pipeline Analytics: Pipeline Funnel

Gem’s Pipeline Analytics pulls in your ATS stages and bridges them with your Gem outreach stages, so you can see the full candidate journey from prospect to hire. What outreach sequences to talent from which sources led to the most hires? Analyze conversion rates from stage to stage to identify the weakest points of your funnels and understand how to fix them. Slice and dice candidate segments by hiring manager, recruiter, job, gender, and more to spot biases and effect process change for a more equitable candidate experience. For the first time, teams can derive best practices from the very top of the funnel all the way through to hire.

“Really strong ATS integration that puts data insights into the hands of everyone on your recruiting team.”

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“We struggled with our ATS when it came to reporting, so I adjusted my team’s workflow. They now add all their candidates into Gem; and it’s changed everything. Now I can present to my leadership team the activity that’s behind each hire, the work behind the team we’re building. How many applications need to get created for us to hire one person? What do conversion rates look like at every stage of our funnel? These don’t just help me forecast; they also help me put into perspective what’s quietly happening in the back of the house to get these hires. Gem is the first time we’ve had an acceptance rate that we can show to leadership. It’s also the first time my team has felt like it has visibility in the company for the amount, and quality, of the work they’re doing.”

Carmen Coleman | Envoy

Carmen Coleman

Head of Business Recruiting

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