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Gem auto-parses prospect information on GitHub, SeekOut, Twitter, and more

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

From the beginning, Gem has auto-captured prospective candidate information directly from LinkedIn, saving sourcers and recruiters hours of manual labor for each of their searches.

It made sense to start there, given that LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professional knowledge-workers, with nearly 800 million global members to date. But we knew, given the ongoing prevalence of other social platforms, that we’d eventually need to make it just as effortless to source passive talent on other social sites through our extension. And we knew, given how critical diversifying teams has become in the wake of 2020, that it was important to help sourcers and recruiters integrate with other platforms such as SeekOut, which supports teams in diversifying their pipelines.

Autoparse Seekout

The Gem extension automatically captures prospective candidate information from SeekOut, including contact information, work history, and more. It also gives sourcers and recruiters full visibility into who (if anyone) on the team has already been in contact with that prospect, allows them to add the profile to a Gem project to organize in talent pools, and immediately drop them into an outreach campaign—without ever leaving the page.

Of course, you can continue to 1-click source passive talent on LinkedIn with Gem. And with the Gem extension perpetually in view, you can manually create a new profile from any site without ever leaving that tab. But you can now auto-capture prospect information from these additional sites—GitHub, SeekOut, Twitter, and Facebook. Gem parses that data, allowing you to 1-click source-and-sequence that person and reach out to them on the spot. We autocapture name, location, gender, company, email address, phone number, education history, and more, depending on which of those sites you’re sourcing them from.

Sourcing faster means more time to actually engage and build relationships with the talent you hope to hire. And those relationships are ultimately what we want for you at Gem— because they’re what will move talent though your funnel and into your org.

Autoparse Github

A view of the Gem extension on GitHub, including automatically adding details from the GitHub profile to create a Gem profile, including email addresses, with no manual data entry.

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