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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

Gem enables best-in-class, data-driven recruiting agencies to tie together their existing recruiting stacks, automate their sourcing efforts, and manage their databases of prospective candidates over the long haul. From providing outreach visibility to optimizing recruitment workflows, we help agency recruiters build and nurture candidate relationships and manage their candidate pipelines with predictability.

Increased Efficiency

LinkedIn Sourcing Sequence Editor

Gem auto-captures information from prospects’ professional and social profiles, lets you one-click upload that data into your ATS, add them to a project, send them a message (whether email, InMail, or SMS), or schedule a sequence of messages to go out to them—all without ever leaving their profile.

Source 5x faster

Source directly from LinkedIn, 1-click upload to your ATS, or import a CSV of contacts from any source to start building and nurturing candidate relationships. Bypass copy-and-pasting with dynamic email templates using tokens pulled from LinkedIn for personalization at scale.

Duplicate-Check with your ATS

Know at a glance whether a prospect already exists in your ATS and never create a duplicate record again. Keep both systems in sync to stay on top of data hygiene and ensure that nothing gets lost.

Find Email Addresses

90% of talent prefers to be contacted by email and 40% of tech talent has InMail notifications turned off. Find contact information you can trust—and send messages they’ll actually see.

Automated Follow-Ups

Say goodbye to time-intensive, manual follow-ups and 2x your conversion to initial phone screen. Send on behalf of your clients’ email addresses even if they’re on different domains to captivate your prospects even more. Our customers 5x their reachouts and 2x their response rates.


Spend less time navigating browser tabs and more time engaging with candidates. Gem ties together all your critical recruiting systems like LinkedIn, your ATS, and email to give you the 360-degree view of what’s going on with a candidate, wherever you are.

“Gem has been invaluable on the Binc side because we can now send on behalf of our client email aliases, but that outreach logs in the Binc instance of Gem. Now all other Bincers can see it. So we don’t only halve our logging time; we also have full visibility into the team’s outreach and activity.”

Nancy Wood

Director of Training and Project Operations

Binc | Customer Logo

Candidate Management

Candidate Management

Build Talent Pools

Build lists of prospective candidates to reach out to for open and future reqs, find emails, and schedule automated follow-ups.

Open, Click, & Reply-Tracking

Know who opened your emails and when. Track click activity, link engagement, and responses in one place across your team. Analyze activity by team member, and track KPIs by reporting on early pipeline efforts.

Manage Active Candidates

Never let candidates fall through the cracks by using notes, due dates, custom fields, and stages.


Share talent pools, send-on-behalf-of (SOBO) hiring managers, gain visibility into every touchpoint your teammates have with prospective candidates, and easily implement Rules of Engagement across your team.

Rules of Engagement

Improve the candidate experience and keep your team organized with ownership information for every profile—along with a history of who on your team has engaged with that prospect in some way.


Mine your existing talent pools across a wide range of attributes—work history, education, location, gender, years of experience, engagement with your outreach (opens, replies), touchpoint types, last contact date, and more—whenever a new requisition comes in. Then, curate lists of talent that you can add to Gem Projects or send sequences to.

“Gem takes the busywork out so we can focus on personalization—real, meaningful touchpoints. You keep living on LinkedIn; you only need one open window; and you can craft outreach without ever leaving someone’s profile. So you save a tremendous amount of time and energy.”

Erica Waichman | Chime

Erica Waichman

Director of Recruiting

Bloombright | Customer Logo

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